19 Facts About Mosasaurus

Species: Mosasaurus hoffmanni Mosasaur type: Squamata Period: Late Cretaceous Diet: Meat (carnivorous) Lifespan: about 42 years Length: up to 16 meters Weight: up to 15 tons


  1. Mosasaurus was discovered in 1764 by Lieutenant Jean Baptiste Drouin. Engraving illustrating the discovery of a skull in 1786 in a chalk quarry on Mount St. Peter
  2. Mosasaurus received its scientific name Mosasaurus hoffmanni in 1829 from Gideon Mantell.
  3. The holotype skeleton of Mosasaurus hoffmanni is MNHNP AC9648, which is just a skull.Sketch of Hoffmann’s Mosasaurus holotype
  4. The name Mosasaurus means Lizard of the Meuse River.
  5. The name Mosasaurus is pronounced: Mose-sores.
  6. Mosasaurus was part of a group of mosasaurs known as aquatic squamates.
  7. Mosasaurus is a member of the Mosasauridae family.
  8. Mosasaurus lived in the Late Cretaceous between 66 and 70 million years ago.
  9. The largest specimen of a mosasaurus discovered was up to 16 meters long.
  10. Mosasaurus was longer than the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  11. Mosasaurs were carnivorous aquatic hunters and their prey most likely included fish, marine reptiles, birds, pterosaurs, smaller mosasaurs, and possibly even land-dwelling dinosaurs.
  12. The teeth of the mosamaker had the shape of sharp spikes, which allowed them to grab the prey and hold it.
  13. The twostep jaw of the Mozaurus allowed him to open his jaw wide and swallow the prey entirely.
  14. Mosazaur is considered one of the last MosaAurides.
  15. Mosazaur is considered one of the largest mosabreeds.
  16. The Mozazaurus spent most of the time at the surface of the ocean, like modern whales, since they breathed in the same way.
  17. Paleontologists believe that the mosaurians gave birth to alive, like whales, instead of laying eggs.
  18. The MosaZavre could be found in the oceans around the world in the Late Street period.
  19. It is assumed that the Mozazaur lived in the waters of North America and Western Europe. Perhaps they also lived in the waters of Japan and New Zealand.
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