33 principles of living in harmony with nature

It is very important to live not for one day, but to save the nature of our planet for future generations. If each person cannot personally influence big politics or the economy, then everyone can make a useful contribution to the environment, wherever they live. How exactly can we help our planet?

There are 33 principles that will help you live in harmony with nature and protect it from destruction.

one. Use products that are reusable first. For example, instead of paper towels and napkins, use textile ones, and replace disposable tableware with ordinary ones that can be used many times.

2. Only use essential electrical appliances in your home. So water can be boiled in an ordinary kettle on a gas stove. And when leaving any room, be sure to turn off the light. If you are temporarily not using electrical equipment, turn them off completely instead of sleeping mode.

3. It is important to rationally use household appliances. For example, turn on the washing machine if it is fully loaded, do not wash only 2-3 items. Do not use a dryer in the dishwasher, as the dishes can dry perfectly on their own.

four. If it gets cold in the house, put on warmer clothes, but do not turn on electric heaters. Otherwise, use the most environmentally friendly devices. If you live in a private house, use solar panels.

5. For the sake of saving water, install a small nozzle and a device in a toilet tank that can adjust the water consumption. Always turn off the water when brushing your teeth. Reduce your shower time by at least 2-5 minutes.

6. Wash kitchen utensils not in running water, but fill the washbasin, and turning on the tap, just rinse it.

7. On average, a person in everyday life uses various products containing about a hundred thousand chemical elements. They not only harm the environment, but also your health. To improve the situation, always read the labels of the products in order to choose the least toxic from the majority. Keep such substances sealed and in a safe place.

eight. Laundry detergents and conditioners are of great harm to nature, often have an aggressive composition that pollutes the water. To reduce harm, use powders that contain fewer toxic elements. Do not look at ads that suggest using additives when washing clothes, they only harm nature. And the excess spoon of washing powder will not help to do it cleaner, it will only be harmful to nature and your health, so do not exaggerate the dose of powder during washing, besides you will save money so much more.
Pay attention to eco-powders and biodetergents that perfectly wash things. The composition of such drugs does not contain chlorine and phosphates. You can also use a substance such as Indian soap nuts. It’s a great alternative to powder. It can also be used instead of other means.

9. If you’re doing laundry, use cold water as most products are great for washing clothes at low temperatures. Hot water can only be used to wash sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers.

ten. Chemicals harm the environment. Never buy pills just in case, otherwise after the expiration date you will have to throw them away and they will damage the environment, since in most cases they contain substances that are alien to the environment.

eleven. A healthy lifestyle will benefit both you and nature, and therefore you will not need any medication. At least once every 3-4 days, arrange yourself a workout: do exercise or play basketball, go for a run and play badminton with a friend. If you wish, you can regularly visit the sports club. In addition, once a year it is necessary to undergo an examination with all doctors. This will help to see in advance the beginning of the development of any disease and cure it at an early stage.

12. Give up the car, travel less on buses, trams, trolleybuses. Walk or bike if possible.

13. If you cannot refuse to use a passenger car, then use it only in extremely important cases. If you need to cover a distance of 3-5 kilometers, it is better to walk. For example, you can use a car to take purchases home, and for this, arrange shopping once every one or two weeks, buy everything at once, so that later you do not have to make several flights.

fourteen. If you shop for crayons and buy only the things you need, you will still protect the environment from excess garbage. In addition, saving will help you save the family budget.

fifteen. In the store and in the market, food products are packaged in cheap but environmentally unsafe materials. The more such packages you produce, the more household waste will be released into the environment. Consider an alternative. So water can be purchased on tap, and not regularly bought in plastic bottles.If you have accumulated a lot of garbage, do not try to burn it, just throw it away. Let qualified workers take care of the disposal, who will do it with the least risk to nature.

16. Litter less. If you break any item, it is better to fix it, rather than throw it away. You have accumulated a lot of old and unnecessary clothes? Collect it, take it to a charity or shelter. This also applies to unnecessary items. You may no longer need something, but for another person it will be vital.

17. When you prepare food, plan for the exact number of servings and their volume so that there is no food left, otherwise it will spoil and you will throw it away. When choosing food for your daily diet, it should be healthy for your body, and the least harmful to nature. Buy agricultural products produced in your area. It is better to buy organic vegetables and fruits without harmful stabilizers, pesticides, dyes, flavors.

eighteen. Eat foods that are less processed, free of preservatives and chemical additives. Natural food is not only healthy, but also delicious.

19. Check out the vegetarian menu. Refusing meat food is unnecessary, but you can eat more grains, vegetables and fruits. For example, protein is found not only in chicken meat, but also in dairy products.

twenty. When I am going to cook something out of food, make a menu in advance for a week, and in accordance with the plan, buy certain products-ingredients for menu dishes. You can thus control your calories, save money and avoid unnecessary purchases, which can subsequently be abyss and be thrown into garbage.

21. Try partially vegetables, fruits and herbs for seasonings to grow yourself. So you will stop purchasing excess foods and save finances.

22. Near your house, plant trees, shrubs, flowers that correspond to your natural zone.

23. For the New Year it is better to dress a Christmas tree that can be planted in advance and independently grown, give up artificial fir trees.

24. Come up with new ways to use old things. So for garbage, use not special packages, but those that you still have after purchases brought from the store. Still reload the batteries. Use writing paper on both sides.

25. Buy quality clothes because it’s good for your health, and cheap things you will soon throw away. In addition, consumer goods and looks tasteless.

26. Learn more about the area where you live, its environmental problems, what natural disasters can occur. Think about how you can protect the nature of your region from human activities.

27. Air travel has a negative impact on our planet, so avoid air transport if possible. Plan your travels in such a way that you can use land transport.

28. Rubbish must be disposed of in the bin. If you see garbage along the way, do not be lazy, pick it up and throw it in the appropriate places. Of course, it is unpleasant for you to clean up after others, but the worst thing is not to notice the dirt and pass by.

29. Analyze your activities and try to get rid of bad environmental habits.

thirty. Expand your horizons in the field of ecology and your region, and the planet, so as not to harm nature unintentionally.

31. Engage with your children and educate them to care about nature.

32. If you see injustice in relation to nature, you notice how authorities and businessmen harm cities and villages, water areas and forests, do not be silent. Don’t be afraid to speak publicly about environmental crimes. Believe me, you will have more supporters than that businessman.

33. Invent at least one way of existence that will help save the environment.

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