A hyenoid dog is a description of the animal, hunting and photos of puppies, where it lives and what it eats

Hyenoid dog representative of the Psov. This mammal is a predator and a tireless hunter. Lives in the vast Africa. Hyenoid dogs unite and live in a pack. Today, the population has sharply decreased and is considered at risk of disappearance.


A hyenashaped dog is a predatory animal with a thin lean body, quite long and very strong legs, a large and fluffy tail. Although she outwardly has a similarity with the hyena, her closest and only family is a red wolf. The main difference from other dogs is the presence of four fingers on the front paws, instead of five.

The head just like the dog has:

  • wide, dull and short muzzle
  • long nose with large side passages width
  • Massive jaws with sharp teeth
  • The hyenoidal dog is covered with short and fierce fur with an unusual motley coloring. She can, pursuing her prey, move at a speed of more than 45 km/h. In the usual conditions of wildlife, a hyenoid dog lives 8-10 years.


    The animal holds its thin body on long and strong legs. Large ears have the shape of an oval and stick out. Bit-gapers catch sounds well. When hunting goes, dogs move away and lose their brothers from sight. Then they make loud lingering sounds that can be caught at a distance of up to two kilometers. In addition, dogs bark sharply and angrily.

    The body has a length of about one meter, the growth of the animal within 80 centimeters, and the weight of 18 to 36 kilograms. Males are larger than female percent by five to seven. The mass of the dog depends on the satiety. She can eat eight to nine kilograms of meat for one meal.

    The length of the tail reaches 40 centimeters, and its tip is fluffy and painted white. The coloring of the skin is peculiar. The common dark brown background is covered with red, white, black spots with an asymmetric pattern. These drawings are unique and unique in every dog. The muzzle and ears have black color. The dog has large jaws equipped with specialized teeth that can capture prey and easily break it into pieces.

    Where they live

    The habitat of the hyenaoid dog Africa’s open spaces. Today she lives in protected areas. The range is torn, so there is no genetic diversity.

    In North and West Africa, hyenoid dogs are rarely found. They mainly live in Senegal, Cameroon, South Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

    What they eat

    Gyenoid dogs eat zebras, gazelle, antelopes, small rodents. They also attack pets, such as sheep and goats.

    They easily track prey due to the fact that they have acute vision. They hunt the whole flock. Approaching the herd, several dogs burst into the central part of the herd. Animals scatter, and dogs determine who is weaker. Further, half of the pack is chasing the victim, and the rest overlap her path. Then rushing at her, tear them into pieces or open up the stomach. The production is divided equally. After the hunters are running around, they feed the cubs.

    The fight of antelopes and hyenoidal dogs


    In hyenoid dogs, activity prevails in the morning. Early in the morning, the flock hunts, and rests in the daytime. If the hunt was unsuccessful in the morning, then in the evening they hunt again, chasing the prey.

    Puppies of hyenoid dogs

    Hyenic dogs are combined into large flocks of 14-100 individuals. The males are commanded by the leader of Alfa-male, and the females-Alfa-samka.

    The main feature of hyenoidal dogs is that they live peacefully, never fight. Strong animals support the weak, kids and old people. They do everything together: they hunt, rest, play.

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