A real (late, ordinary) oily photo and description of how to distinguish from false mushrooms

A common representative of the type of oil. The present got its name for oilcocks at the expense of its differently oily cap, which is very slippery to the touch. You can distinguish species of oil from other mushrooms due to this adhesive mucosa and easily removed skin.


The diameter of the cap of a real butter reaches 10 centimeters and has the shape of a ball, which straightens with the age of the mushroom. In raw weather, the hat is covered with thick mucus, and during dry weather becomes brilliant. The color of the hat is predominantly yellow-brown, sometimes brown with a purple tint. The tubes under the hat have a pale yellow shade that reaches a brown yellow. Tubular plates grow to the leg. The leg itself has a length of 3.5 to 11 centimeters in height, and in diameter can reach 2.5 centimeters. Up the legs have a lemon yellow color, and a brownish tint acquires to the base. Pieces of brown bedspreads can remain on the leg. The pulp of the mushroom is soft and quite juicy. The leg is more fibrous, in the section has a yellowish tint.

Where to looking for

This fungus spread to the Northern Hemisphere, since a cool climate is suitable for its active development, but oils are also found in subtropical climate. They also artificially spread in tropical latitudes. In Eurasia, the real one is in the Caucasus, Siberia and the Far East.

When to assemble

The crop season is from June to October. In the summer, the real oil is attacked by insects and their larvae, therefore it is during this time of the year that the number of worm mushrooms reaches 80% quite often.

Useful properties and application

The real oil is a delicious edible mushroom, which is attributed to the second category. Its taste quality is similar to white mushrooms. Remove the skin from the mushroom before using it correctly. You can cook these mushrooms absolutely as you like: dry, pickle, salt and even eat raw. But still, any mushrooms before use should undergo heat treatment. It differs from other mushrooms in that it is easier to digest.

This mushroom is also used for the preparation of soups, sauces and served as a side dish for the main dishes. However, you cannot store collected oils for too long in raw form, since they deteriorate quite quickly. It is advisable to immediately start cleaning and cooking these mushrooms. During cleaning, it is necessary to remove the peel from the hat, since it can cause stomach disorders and ruin the final dish. In terms of the number of fats and carbohydrates, the real oil is the present exceeds even the booths. Do not feed children under 7 years of age, since their stomach is poorly processed by chitin. In general, the real oil is a tasty and healthy product for eating.

The difference from similar species

The real oily is an external resemblance to the red butter. The main difference between these species is the absence of a characteristic ring on the leg of a red butter.

Red butter

From poisonous mushrooms is similar to pepper mushrooms.

Pepper mushroom

The difference from pepper is the presence of large pores under the hat and the absence of a ring on the leg. The taste of pepper mushrooms is very burning.

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