African lion from the Red Book a description, a photo where it lives, interesting facts

African Leo (Panthera Leo) – A predator from the Panther clan belongs to the cat family, is considered the largest cat in the world. In the 19-20 century, the number of this species was sharply reduced due to human activities. Without direct enemies in their own habitat, lions are constantly destroyed by poachers and lovers of safari.


If you distinguish representatives of different sexes in other mammals, it is quite difficult, then in lions gender differences are visible to the naked eye. The male from the female distinguishes not only the dimensions of the body, but also the huge mane around the head.

Representatives of the weak statue of such a jewelry do not have such a decoration, the scientists associate this with the fact that the lady and elongated vegetation in the skin plays the role of the mining and they would not allow her to quietly draw up to animals in thick grass.

African lions are considered heavyweights among cats, the weight of males can reach 250 kg, and body length – up to 4 m, taking into account the tail and up to 3m without it. Less cats – they are up to 180 kg weighing, and body length does not exceed 3 meters.

The body of this king of animals is strong and dense with powerful muscles rolling under the skin. The color of short thick wool is most often sandy yellow or cream. Adult lions on the head wear a luxurious mane of a darker, red color with black tanks, it drops from the crown and closes part of the back and chest cage. The older the male, the thicker than his hairline, the little lion-boys have no such jewelry at all. The ears of the African lions are small and rounded, to puberty kittens have light dots in the ear sink. The tail is long and smooth, only at its very end is a fluffy brush.


In ancient times, lions could be found on all continents of the globe, at this time, only some regions can boast of the presence of this formidable handsome man. If earlier African lions were widespread throughout the African continent and even Asia, now Asians are found only in Indian Gujarat, where they are a suitable climate and vegetation, their number does not exceed 523 individuals. Africans remained only in Burkina Faso and Congo, there there are no more than 2000.


From representatives of other types of cats, Lviv is distinguished by clanity: they live exclusively large families – Prides consisting of several dozen individuals, the dominant role in which one or two males play. All other inhabitants of the family – Females and cubs.

The strong half of the pride plays the role of defenders, they drive away other males from their clan, who have not yet had time to get their own harem. The struggle is constantly carried out, weaker males or young animals never leave attempts to recapture strangers.

The cruel truth of nature: if the victory in the duel gets a stranger, he will kill all the lioners so that the females are faster to mating and continuing his kind.

A certain territory is assigned to each pride, a length of several square kilometers. About the presence of the owner in this area, the leader every evening announces the neighbors with a loud roar and a roar, which is heard at a distance of up to 8-9 km.

Когда молодые львята подрастают и не нуждаются в дополнительной опеке, примерно в 3 года, отцы выгоняют их из клана. They must leave not only their family, but the entire territory for hunting. Lionesses always remain with relatives and are protected by strong sex as the greatest value.


The period of estrus in the tigresses of one clan occurs at the same time. This is not only a physiological feature, but also a vital necessity. At the same time they get pregnant and wear babies for 100-110 days. 3-5 babies up to 30 cm long appears in one outfit, mothers equip beds in crevices between stones or rocks for them – This serves as an additional protection from both enemies and the scorching sun.

For several months, young mothers with children live separately from the rest. They unite among themselves and jointly take care of their own, and for other people’s kittens. During the hunt, the main part of the lionesses leaves the bed, only a few females are engaged in supervision of offspring: it is they who feed and guard all the lions at once.

The average life expectancy of African lions in the natural environment – up to 15-17 years, in captivity can last up to 30.


The main food of the African lions is a kindergarten living in the wide expanses of the Savan: Lams, Zebra, Antelopes. In hungry times, hippotams can also encroach on the life of, though it is difficult to defeat them and the meat does not differ in special taste; Do not disdain rodents and snakes.

Exactly lionesses are engaged in prey in prides, males do not participate in the hunt and prefer to spend all their free time on vacation, preferably under the crowns of trees. Only lions-single lions can independently get food on their own, and when the hunger is enough. Fathers of the families are delivered by wives. Until the male is eaten, the cubs and wives are not touched to the game and are satisfied only with the remnants of the feast.

Each adult individuals of the African lion per day must absorb up to 7 kg of meat, so females always hunt together. They track down victims, pursue, drive away from the herd and surround. They will accelerate during the chase they can up to 80 km/h, though only small distances run. Long distances for lions are dangerous, because they have too small hearts and excessive load they may not transfer.

Female African lion on hunting

Interesting Facts

  1. In ancient Egypt, the lion was considered a deity and contained in temples and palaces as guards;
  2. There are white lions, but this is not a separate subspecies, but simply a genetic mutation, such individuals do not survive in wild conditions and are more often kept in reserves;
  3. The existence of black lions is not confirmed by science.
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