African trumpZub a photo of an animal where it lives, a description of what it looks like, interesting facts

Aardvark – Perhaps the most amazing and unusual animal of the African continent. Local tribes call Trubkozuba Abu-dress, which is translated into Russian as it sounds like «Father of the claws».


Those who first saw a trumpeter describe it something like this: ears like a hare, a patch like a pig, and the tail is like a kangaroo. An adult tube-zube-length reaches one and a half meters, and the length of its powerful and muscular tail can reach 70 centimeters. Adult pipebells a little more than half a meter height. The weight of Abu Dladifa reaches a hundred kilograms. The body of the animal is covered by a rigid brownish tint of bristles. The muzzle of the pipezube elongated with many long and hard tactile hairs (vibriss), and at the end there is a patch with round nostrils. The ears of the tube grow up to 20 centimeters. Also a pipe glue has adhesives and a fairly long tongue.

Trubkozub has powerful limbs. On the front paws of the 4th fingers with powerful and long claws, and on the rear 5. At the time of digging the holes and the mining of the food, the tube is completely based on the back feet for greater stability.

The habitat of the tube

Currently, trumpZuba can only be found on the African continent, south of Sahara. In the choice of the habitat, the trumpeter is unpretentious, however, on the continent, he avoids dense equatorial forests, swamps and rocky terrain, since it is difficult to dig there quite difficult.

Trubkozub feels comfortable in the savannah and places that are flooded in the rainy season.

What is the tube feed

Trubkozuba Night animals and during hunting cover significant territories, about 10 12 kilometers in one night. Interestingly, the trumpzube walks already wellknown paths for itself. The tube is advanced, tilting the muzzle to the ground, and the air inhales very loudly (sniffing) in search of ants and termites that make up the main diet. Trubkozub also does not refuse insects, which also crawled out of their holes in search of food. When the desired booty was found, then with its powerful front paws, the trumpeter breaks the refuge of termites or ants. Long, sticky saliva, tongue, he very quickly collects insects. In one night, the tube is able to eat about 50 thousand insects.

As a rule, in the dry period, the trumpeters feed mainly with ants, but they prefer to feed in termites during the rain.

Natural enemies

This cute animal has a lot of enemies of the natural habitat, since the tube is quite clumsy and slow.
So to the main enemies of adult trumpozers include lion and cheetah, as well as man. Hyenoid dogs often attack trumpoz.

Since Abu-LEAF is a very shy animal, with the slightest danger, but rather even a hint of danger, he immediately hides in his hole or burns underground. However, if there is no way out or the enemy crept up very close to the trumpup, he can successfully defend his front claws.

For cubs, pythons are a great danger.

Interesting Facts

  1. Scientists consider the trumpzube living fossil, since its ancient genetic composition is very well preserved, and its genus is attributed to the oldest placental infralass among mammals of infralass.
  2. Due to the special structure of the nose, the tube is very noisily sniffing or quietly grunts. But when the animal is very scared, a fairly loud mooing scream is emitting.
  3. Females bear cubs for about seven months. Trubkozub is born about two kilograms in weight and half a meter length. The cub goes to the main meals only after 4 months. Before that, he eats exclusively mother’s milk.
  4. Trubkozub digs pits at a striking speed. In 5 minutes, the trumpet tears a hole one meter deep.
  5. This animal got its bizarre name thanks to its teeth. This structure of teeth is no longer found in a single representative of wildlife. His teeth consist of dentin tubes that have grown together. They do not have enamel and roots, and are in constant growth.
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