Agricultural ecology and fundamentals of agricultural production ecology

Agricultural ecology deals with those environmental problems that agro-industrial activities generate. As a result, an attempt is made to change actions and develop methods that will reduce the harmful impact on nature.

Soil exploitation

The main resource of agroecosystems is land. Vast areas are used for fields, and pastures are used for grazing animals. In agriculture, the soil is used regularly, fertilizers and pesticides are used, various cultivation methods are used, which leads to salinization and soil depletion. In the future, the land loses fertility, loses vegetation, soil erosion occurs and the territory turns into a desert.

Agricultural ecology considers how it is necessary to restore land after intensive use, how to properly exploit land resources. Ecologists are in favor of reducing the use of fertilizers and agrochemicals, developing new, less aggressive and harmful substances.

Trampling the soil by livestock

Animal husbandry involves grazing cattle on pastures. Animals eat various plants and trample the earth, which leads to its destruction. As a result, a meager number of crops remain in this area or plants do not grow at all. Since the grass is consumed by animals from the root, the soil is unable to recover on its own, which leads to its desertification. As the land becomes unsuitable for further grazing, new territories are being developed. To avoid such consequences, it is necessary to use pastures correctly, observe norms and take care of the land.

acid rain

Acid rain is not the last negative phenomenon in agriculture. They pollute the soil, and all crops that have fallen toxic precipitation become dangerous or die out. As a result, the amount of crop decreases, and the land is saturated with chemicals, becomes unusable.

Agricultural activity has a significant impact on the environment. The use of natural resources leads to the fact that in the future the soil loses its ability to recover, collapses and dies. This leads to changes in ecosystems, environmental degradation. You can avoid such environmental disasters only with the rational use of natural resources.

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