Air birds species and names | Family of Air birds

Most of the stories prefer to settle near small reservoirs to be next to their constant source of food. The stroke diet is small fish, frogs and crustaceans. However, some species can hunt small rodents, providing assistance to a person. Most of the types of aistors prefer to stay away from a person, but some species easily get used to people and live next to them. AISTOVs are very different from each other in colors and sizes. Common for them is the presence of long and strong legs designed to walk in shallow water.

White stork

Black stork

Far Eastern stork

Bluebrown stork (rain)

The stork is Beloshevy

The stork woolly Malay


Now the reader has a more complete idea of ​​the appearance. It is worth supplemented by the fact that the stories are monogamous birds that form a solid pair and together engage in the upbringing of offspring. Material for the nest is looking for a male, and the female is engaged in its construction. The female hatches the eggs while the male is engaged in production. Когда птенцы вылупляются оба родителя учат их летать и присматривают за потомством первое время, когда птенцы наиболее уязвимы для хищников. Stestevs are common in most part of Eurasia and are found everywhere in small quantities.

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