Ideal Humidity for Home In Winter for the child

Each house has its own microclimate with a certain temperature, humidity, ventilation, and natural light. All this affects not only the mood but also the health status of households. At the same time, seasonal changes also affect the change in the home climate. In summer, you need to drain and cool the air, and in winter you will need additional heating for the room.

Ideal Humidity for Home In Winter

Ideal humidity in home

Moisture standards in an ordinary apartment vary from 30% to 60%. To establish this data, scientists conducted much research. They confirmed that if there is humidity within these limits, people will feel normal. In addition, during the off-season, in winter and summer, the level of humidity changes. So in the warm season, excess moisture in the room is felt, and in cold the contrary, the air becomes dry due to heating devices.

If humidity does not correspond to the norm, the residents of the house may begin health problems:

  • Due to dry air, the mucous membranes will be over-dried;
  • immunity will decrease;
  • the condition of the skin will worsen;
  • sleep mode is broken;
  • Chronic allergies will occur.

This is far from a complete list of problems that may appear as a result of an imbalance of humidity in the house. To normalize the microclimate, you can independently adjust the moisture level in the apartment.

How to Increase the Humidity in Your Home

The average humidity, which is suitable for a particular home, depends on weather and climate conditions. Experts say that the best indicator is 45%, which is measured by such a device as a hygrometer. This condition also depends on what humidity outside the room.

Recommendations to increase moisture level:

  • buy and use a household humidifier in the apartment;
  • bring indoor flowers to the room;
  • install an aquarium with fish;
  • regularly ventilate all rooms;
  • control the use of household appliances, since they drain air.

Solving the problem of lowering humidity is also simple. It is necessary to regularly ventilate the bathroom and kitchen, where steam accumulates after bathing, washing, and cooking food. Do not dry the linen in the apartment, so it is usually hung on the loggia or on the balcony. You can also purchase a household device that drains the air.

Adhering to these simple tips, in the apartment you can always normalize air humidity. This is easy, but the benefits of normal humidity will help all households feel better.

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