Air pollution sources, factors, protection and protection of the environment

Air is the most important wealth of the planet, but, like many other things, people spoil this resource by polluting the atmosphere. It contains various gases and substances necessary for the life of all beings. So, for people and animals, oxygen is vital, which in the process of breathing enriches the entire body.

Modern society does not even realize that people can die from dirty air. According to WHO in 2014. about 3.7 million died on the planet. individuals due to cancers caused by air pollution.

Types of air pollution

In general, air pollution can be both natural and anthropogenic. Of course, the second type is the most detrimental to the environment. Depending on the substances that enter the air, pollution can be of the following types:

Air pollution sources, factors, protection and protection of the environment
  • mechanical solid microparticles and dust enter the atmosphere;
  • biological viruses and bacteria enter the air;
  • radioactive waste and radioactive substances;
  • chemical occurs during man-made accidents and emissions, when phenols and carbon oxides, ammonia and hydrocarbons, formaldehydes and phenols pollute the environment;
  • thermal when warm air is discharged from enterprises;
  • noise carried out by high sounds and noises;
  • electromagnetic radiation of electromagnetic fields.
  • The main air pollutants are industrial enterprises. They care little about the environment, because they do not use treatment facilities and environmentally friendly technologies. Road transport contributes a lot to air pollution, as exhaust gases are emitted into the air when cars are used.

    Consequences of air pollution

    Atmospheric pollution is a global problem of mankind. Many people literally suffocate, not being able to breathe clean air. All this leads to various ailments and health problems. Pollution also leads to smog in large cities, to the greenhouse effect, global warming, climate change, acid rain and other problems with nature.

    If people do not soon begin to reduce the level of air pollution and do not start cleaning it, then this will lead to serious problems on the planet. Each person can influence this situation, for example, switching from cars to environmentally friendly transport bicycles.

    Air pollution sources, factors, protection and protection of the environment
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