Alkina photo and description of how the red book of the red book looks and where the butterfly

Alkina (lat. Byasa alcinous) a type of daytime butterflies that belong to the sailboat family. It is considered one of the most beautiful insects that can be found in Eurasia. It can also be known as Alcin, which, although it is less scientific, still has a place to be.


Alkina is one of the most beautiful, unusual and even elegant butterflies that can inhabit Russia. Its wingspan is not particularly large and varies from half to one centimeter. The color is specific and for some people may seem completely plain: in males the color is designed in one tone, usually it is dark brown or gray, females in their color palette is only lighter than male representatives, and otherwise they are the same. The hind wings have many semimoon spots that are located at the edges. Their color in females is yellow, and in males orange. In addition, at the end of the wings there are rather long outgrowths, which can exceed the size of the insect itself in length and reach two to three centimeters.

The hairs on the body are present, but they resemble wool more, because everything is very short and even pleasant to the touch. In the place of the chest and on the abdomen, males have several spots of red, thanks to which it becomes a little easier to distinguish from females.

The caterpillars of this species in the formation have many outgrowths on the body, which can be completely different in shape and size. There are red dots on each of these outgrowths, and their color alternates with white and brown areas.

Where it lives

The main habitat can be different, but Alkina received the greatest prevalence in China, Korea and Japan. It is in Asian countries that climate is the best for representatives of this type. On the territory of Eurasia, these insects can be found in the most extreme parts of the north, just closer to Asia. They are mainly found in some parts of the Primorsky Territory, but some parts of the population were also discovered in Ussurios, Khasansky and Nadezhdinsky Territory. In addition, the sandy peninsula is also inhabited by some colonies of Altsinoy. The largest population throughout the country is located near the Valley of Razdolnaya River, which is currently included in the Leopardian reserve.

The preferred area for the habitat of Alkina chooses broadleaved forests, which are located close to the banks of reservoirs, for example, rivers and lakes. In addition, a prerequisite for the appearance of these insects is the presence of Kirkazon the coastal plant of Asian countries.

Red Book

In fact, the number of representatives of this species is limited around the world, but in Eurasia there are very few of them. Therefore, Alkina belongs to the first category of the Red Book. This is due not only to small numbers, but also by the presence of Kirkazon Manchursky, which is also an endangered look, but without it butterflies do not live. It is on this plant that all members of this family try to settle their larvae, which later eat his foliage.


A certain period of reproduction by scientists is unknown, since a limited number of populations, behind which careful observation from the researchers is carried out, is mated and gives offspring in completely different intervals of time. Females lay eggs on the disappearing kirkazon plant, they have each egg in the lower part of the leaves, attaching them to special fibers. After the formation of the larva and the formation of the caterpillar, Alkinina begins to eat the foliage of the plant in order to finally grow. Outside of Eurasia, instead of kirkazon, a colombo plant can be, but it is also rare and because of this the species in any case will be disappearing.

The doll of these insects can be of different colors, but basically it is creamy or yellow, and the lower side is covered with orange spots and lines.

Interesting Facts

  • From English, the name Alkinoi translates as “windmill”. The insect received this name for its pronounced veins on the wings, which are quite similar to the blades of windmills, which are built on the territory of China.
  • The Russian and Latin name of the species is consonant with the character of the mythology of Ancient Greece, the grandson of Poseidon and the king of the sailors, Alkinoy.
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