Alpine goats photo and description of the breed, breeding, general characteristics

Selection led to the appearance of many subspecies of alpine goats. Here are some of the subgroups:


Purebred alpine goats from France, their wool of different colors. The goats are hardy, give good quality milk, like other alpine species, is suitable for commercial dairy farming and for private households.


This type of goats received from crossing French breed with American views. These goats are the largest in America, choose them for commercial goat breeding and homestead farms. Goats strong and hardy. Females produce delicious milk.


A hardy breed from the Brientser of Switzerland region. The main color of the wool is red-brown, the face, stomach and back are black. Swiss alpine breed of goats is bred for milk and meat.


The breed arose as a result of crossing alpine French and Swiss goats and, as a rule, black and white. Keep goats for exhibitions and production of milk.

Characteristics of alpine goats

Size and weight

Goats of medium and large size:

  • goats about 81 cm in height, average weight – 77 kg;
  • goats 76 cm at the withers, weight about 61 kg.

Body shape

Goats are found in several colors, the ears are raised, the horns grow regardless of the floor, the goats have a beard.


Goats have a nonaggressive character, run away if they hear dangerous sounds. Friendly to the owner and other animals in the yard.


Goats reach maturity aged 4 to 5 months, females are ready to give offspring from 5 to 6 months.

Ideal conditions for breeding alpine goats

The breed has strong genes, and animals survive in hot and cold climate in all regions of the world.

Several reasons to start alpine goats

Maternal instinct

The female alpine goat knows how to properly care for the kids. She protects offspring from predators. Expect a few blows with rear hooves and horns if the goat thinks that you threaten the offspring.

Production of dairy products

The goats of alpine breeds are bred to provide the family with nutrient dairy products, since they give a lot of milk, even when they feed the goats.

Intellectual breed

These goats are smart in comparison with other breeds, so the owner requires the construction of a strong corral. If there is an opportunity to find a way out, alpine goats will run away to freedom. The only way to tame if the goat intended to leave the corral – Bind.

Friendly and cute

The breed is peaceful and sociable, gets along with other views in the same territory.

How to care for alpine goats

Growing goats is quite simple, they are bred at home and for commercial purposes. To get good quality milk from the breed, healthy individuals are needed, and they achieve results, taking care of the alpine goats:

  • The offspring for growth and development requires mother’s milk, and not its substitutes;
  • Feed twice a day in the morning and evening;
  • The diet consists of purified grain, green grass, pellet and hay of alfalfa;
  • Goats will get sick without clean and fresh water for drinking;
  • They milk females twice a day;
  • goats are taken to pastures, they are stuck in closed rooms;
  • In winter, a warm and comfortable shelter is necessary;
  • In the case of any disease, they immediately contact the veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment.


Goats produce highquality milk, and this is the cause of the popularity of alpine breed. Dairy products are nutritious and useful for humans.

Alpine goat milk contains vitamins K, D, E, B, A and C. Many European companies engaged in the production of cheese, oil, ice cream and other products choose milk of alpine goats, not cows.

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