ALTEY Medicinal photo and description, use in medicine, contraindications

Tatarstan – Beautiful region of Eurasia, whose nature is rich in abundance. A distinctive feature of this region is a variety of climatic resources, which allows more than 200 medicinal plants to germinate on the lands of Tatarstan. Plants deserve special attention, which are included in the Red Book of Tatarstan, which include medicinal alte.

Medicinal alte has several names, the people are also called alterate grass, papoupler and a banner. This plant is known to humanity for a long time because of its medicinal properties. More Greek and Roman healers used it in the preparation of their appreciation. The plant is also grown for decorative purposes for private and summer cottages.

Altie belongs to perennial plants, to the family of mallow. Its root has one thick stubborn root and many small branches. Altey leaves are covered with fluff, there are several stems. In the second year of life, flowers begin to bloom in plants. The main raw material for the manufacture of drugs is the root of the plant, however, the upper part of the alteen is also used.

The use of alteen medicinal

In addition to the active use of the plant in the pharmaceutical sphere, the medicinal plant is also used in other important areas. Due to the wide spectrum of action, medicinal alte is used in:

  1. Medical field. The main scope of the plant, since due to a long study of the therapeutic properties of Alteya, humanity has learned to use it for most areas of medicine. Recently, Altey has also been used in veterinary medicine to treat various animal diseases.
  2. Cosmetology. Women often use medicinal altie for home care for their body, and cosmetological companies use the plant in the process of making cosmetics.
  3. Cooking. Oddly enough, the roots of the plants are also used to make cereals and jelly, and the ground root is used to make dough and baking.

The plant is also often used for painting wool and making natural colors.

Medicinal properties

It is impossible to quickly list the properties and areas of the use of medicinal alteen in medicine. The plant is used in the treatment:

  • prostatitis;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • bronchitis and other inflammatory processes in the throat;
  • bladder diseases;
  • burns, lichen and other skin diseases;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • breast cancer.

A longproven way is to use a plant in coughing. The tool effectively helps to reduce the inflammatory process in the respiratory tract, is a good expectorant. Pharmacy and home infusions are often used for sore throats and asthma.

Medicinal alte has wound healing, expectorant, antiinflammatory and softening properties.

Application in cosmetology

The roots of the alteen can be prepared independently. To do this, they are dug up in the fall, eliminate the ground and the main root with small branches. For drying, only the main lateral roots are used, which are cut into pieces and dried in the fresh air. In the cosmetology of ALTEY, medicinal is used to relieve irritation – they are enveloped in inflamed areas. It is applied for:

  • dry skin subject to excessive peeling;
  • removal of irritation after shaving;
  • hair, as tincture contributing to the strengthening of hair and stimulating their growth;
  • reducing increased sweating of the body;
  • Losing weight.

Before any medical use of Althey, we recommend that you get a medical specialist consultation.

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