American acute crocodile a photo and a description where it lives and how it looks like

Thanks to its elongated muzzle, the American crocodile was called “Single”.


The skin of this representative has an olive-brown color. American crocodile boasts large dimensions. The body size of an adult male can reach 4.3 meters in length. And weight ranges around 380 kilograms. In the area of ​​the eyes of American crocodiles there are characteristic hillocks. 68 teeth are located in the mouth. A distinctive feature of this species is a small number of ossified plates in the shell. Sharp American crocodiles move on a belly at a speed of up to 16 kilometers per hour, and swim at a speed of 35 kilometers per hour.


As you can understand from the name, the main habitat of this representative is in the United States, namely on the south side of Florida. Also, the population of an American representative is widespread on the Great Railery from the west coast of Mexico to Ecuador. Some representatives of this species spread in Costa Rica, Colombia, Florida and Guatemala.

American crocodile is found in freshwater sources and salty ponds.

Food and lifestyle

Due to its characteristic feature in the form of acute muzzle, an American crocodile can easily make up for nutrient reserves with fish and other inhabitants of rivers. And due to the ability to swim in the seas, these reptiles can easily eat marine residents. In Florida, American crocodiles love to eat Kefal fish. In addition to marine inhabitants, the American crocodile eats various small mammals. A large fraction of the diet consists of rats and other rodents. Sometimes they can enjoy snails, crabs, frogs and snakes. However, the American crocodile can easily pose for great cattle. Favorite animals of crocodiles are pigs and bulls.

These representatives hunt in the evening, and the rest of the time of day spend in a calm state. In order to relax, American crocodiles tear out holes for themselves.


The propagation period in American crocodiles begins at the end of autumn. The female independently equips a nest of dirt, plants and sand. He lays eggs into the formed nest. The masonry may contain from 30 to 70 eggs. Some females may bury a little nest. They themselves are always near their clutches, protecting from potential enemies. The cubs begin to hatch after 75 or 80 days. At the time of birth, small crocodiles begin to make loud sounds that attract the mother of the offspring. She takes out her cubs and takes her to the water. Little American crocodiles are next to parents for only 2 months, after which they begin to lead an independent life. Young individuals are extremely vulnerable in the wild, since they can become easy prey of birds of prey, raccoons, wild cats and even large fish.

The protection of the population

Most of all these fearless reptiles are harmful to human activity. The skin of this species has a large weight in the black market, which is why people everywhere exterminate these reptiles. Currently, the population of American crocodiles is maintained by law and is listed in the Red Book, so cases of poaching have decreased. At the moment, there are three thousand individuals.

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