Animals and birds of swamps | What animals and birds live in swamps

The swamp is an ideal habitat for certain animal species. But life in the wetlands is not as easy as it might seem, which is why the strongest and most adaptable living creatures live there. Depending on the types of swamps in the territory, you can meet different representatives of the animal world.

Amphibious inhabitants of the swamps

The most prominent representatives of animals living in swamps are frogs, toads and newts.




Frogs simply love wet patches of land, so swamps are the main habitat for amphibians. The size of individuals can vary from 8 mm to 32 cm (depending on the species). The main distinguishing features of frogs are the absence of a tail, short forelimbs, a head that is large in size and flat in shape, strong hind limbs that allow jumping over long distances.

Amphibians have excellent hearing, have large bulging eyes, with which they can view the world around them, sticking out only their eyes from the water. Most often, the inhabitants can be found on the shore or swamp lines.

Toads are very similar to frogs, but they lack teeth in the upper jaw. Their skin is dry and covered in warts. Amphibians of this type are nocturnal animals and live on land almost all the time.

Newts are very similar to lizards, but have smooth and moist skin. Their tail is like a fish, and the body reaches a size of 10-20 cm. Lacking good eyesight, newts have an excellent sense of smell.

Reptile inhabitants of the swamps

This type of animal includes snakes, vipers and turtles. The first species grows up to 1.5 m in size, has scales with ribs and scutes. Most often, animals can be found in grassy swamps. Snakes are very voracious, their main delicacy is frogs, birds and invertebrates.

Vipers prefer to live in the wettest areas of swamps. They rarely grow over 65 cm and weigh around 180 g. Individuals have a flat wide head, supraorbital shields, a vertical pupil. The most beautiful and brightest are females. Reptiles have multiple venom-conducting teeth.

Bog turtles grow up to 38 cm in size, weighing up to 1.5 kg. Individuals have a small, round, slightly convex shell, sharp long claws are located on the fingers. Turtles have a long tail that acts as a rudder. They feed on animal larvae, fish fry, mollusks, worms, algae and other living creatures.


bog turtles

Mammal inhabitants of swamps

The most common mammals are muskrats and otters. The former look like a rat and grow up to 36 cm. Slow on the ground, they swim excellently in the water and can hold their breath for up to 17 minutes. With poor eyesight and smell, individuals rely on their excellent hearing.



Otters are one of the most beautiful animals in the swamps. They grow up to 1 meter and have excellent muscles. Individuals have small ears, a long tail, short legs and a thick neck.

swamp birds

The swamps are also home to many birds, including ptarmigans, short-eared owls, ducks, common cranes and sandpipers.


short-eared owl


gray crane


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