Animals brought to Eurasia from other countries

For many centuries, the world of fauna in Eurasia has been enriched by animal species brought here from other countries. As the climate changes, the area is suitable for some representatives to live. There are more than a hundred such species, but today let’s talk about the largest foreign representatives of animals in the world.

water sports

The Volga and water bodies of the Moscow region are now inhabited by various types of jellyfish that came back in the 20th century from the United States. These creatures have taken root well here, as the water in the reservoirs has become warm due to global warming. In the 1920s, the population of river beavers building dams was practically exterminated by humans. Subsequently, measures were taken to restore the species, so these animals appeared in Western Siberia and the European part of Eurasia in the middle of the 20th century from the forest-steppe of Asia and Europe. Their counterparts live in Karelia and Kamchatka Canadian beavers, imported from North America.


Muskrats are semi-aquatic animals that came to Eurasia from North America. They are found on the banks of swamps, lakes and rivers, and spend the night in burrows. Initially, several individuals from America were released into the reservoirs of Prague, and they rapidly increased the population, spread throughout Europe. In 1928, several individuals were released in the USSR, after which they comfortably settled down here.


Predatory rotan fish live in lakes and ponds. They appeared in Eurasia from North Korea and China at the beginning of the 20th century. At first they were purely aquarium fish, and in 1948 they were released into the waters of the Moscow region. From Eurasia, this species came to the countries of Europe.Rotan

land species

One of the land species that causes a lot of problems to all the inhabitants of the country, especially farmers and agricultural workers, is the Colorado potato beetle. He eats leaves of potato bushes. Despite its name, its homeland is Mexico, and not the US state of Colorado, as many falsely believe. First, this leaf beetle appeared in France during the First World War, from where it spread throughout Europe, and in the middle of the 20th century it reached the territory of modern Eurasia. The white butterfly came from the USA in the 1950s to Europe and then to Eurasia. These are insect pests that eat the crowns of many types of trees.

Colorado beetle

white butterfly

Among the land animals of the New World, back in the time of Columbus, the following species were brought to Europe (some of them to Eurasia):

Guinea pigs are the pets of many people;

llamas found in circuses and zoos;

turkey the ancestor of the domestic turkey;

coypu marsh beaver


Thus, some of our favorite animal species are aliens who arrived in Eurasia from various parts of the earth. Over time, they have settled down well here and feel comfortable in their new habitat.

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