Animals inhabiting the canopy of a coniferous forest reserves and birds

Coniferous forests are mostly found in the northern hemisphere. They grow pines and larches, spruces and cedars, firs and cypresses, junipers and arborvitae. The climate of this natural area is quite cold, since such conditions are relevant for the growth of coniferous trees. In coniferous forests there is a rich fauna, which is represented by insects and rodents to omnivorous animals and birds.

The main representatives of the fauna

Coniferous forests are inhabited mainly by vegetarian animals that feed on trees, berries, and herbaceous plants. In addition, omnivorous animals such as bears and lynxes live in these forests. They have to travel long distances to find their prey. Some of the main inhabitants of coniferous forests are squirrels and hares.



In the depths of the thickets, you can find wolverines that hunt both day and night. They even attack bears and wolves to steal their prey. Among the predators of the forest, foxes and wolves should be mentioned. Small animals such as voles and beavers, shrews and chipmunks, martens and minks are found here. Artiodactyls are represented by red deer, roe deer, elk, bison, musk deer. Where the climate becomes a little warmer, you can meet the water shrew and hedgehogs, forest lemmings and polecats. Some species of forest animals hibernate in winter, and some have reduced activity.










musk deer


Feathered forest dwellers

Coniferous forests are home to many bird families. Crossbills nest in the crowns of evergreen trees, feeding their chicks with seeds from cones. Nutcrackers are also found here, which, depending on the crop, can fly to warmer climes for the winter. Capercaillie lead a sedentary lifestyle in coniferous forests. During the day they move on the ground, and spend the night in the trees. You can meet among the spruce and pine trees the smallest representative of the grouse hazel grouse. Thrushes, woodpeckers, owls and other species are found in the taiga forests.



Insects and amphibians

In the reservoirs of the forest and on the banks you can meet toads, salamanders, forest frogs, and various types of fish swim in the rivers. Of the reptiles, various lizards, vipers and snakes live here. Huge list of insects of coniferous forests. These are mosquitoes and silkworms, sawflies and horntails, bark beetles and barbels, flies and butterflies, grasshoppers and ants, bugs and mites.




bark beetle

Unique fauna in coniferous forests. The more people penetrate deep into the forest, cutting down trees, the more animals are at risk of extinction. If the felling of coniferous trees does not at least decrease, entire ecosystems will soon be destroyed and many species of forest animals will be destroyed.

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