Animals of Antarctica list with photos and names | Animal world of Antarctica for children

The most distinctive continent for its harsh climatic habitats. The temperature on this continent does not rise above the freezing point, and the entire territory of the continent is covered with ice. However, even in such conditions, Antarctica is one of the most amazing continents with a unique fauna. Many animals are migratory, as the climate is sometimes too difficult for wintering. Some species are well adapted to such temperature conditions. It is noteworthy that the Antarctic treaties do not allow you to get close to wild mammals.


common seal


southern elephant



Kerguelen fur seal

Sea leopard


Wilson’s storm-petrel

wandering albatross

giant petrel

snow petrel

great skua

Antarctic tern

Antarctic blue-eyed cormorant

white plover


flightless birds

golden-haired penguin

emperor penguin

king penguin


subantarctic penguin


Seiwal (Iwas whale)

fin whale

Blue whale

Sperm whale

southern right whale

Humpback whale

southern minke whale


Arctic giant squid

Arctic toothfish

killer whale


Due to the fact that Antarctica was discovered relatively recently, many local animal species are not used to seeing humans, due to which animals are as interested in people as they are in us. Many animals are not afraid of humans, so most of them can be approached. According to the latest data, the entire fauna of Antarctica is divided into aquatic and terrestrial. Land animals practically do not exist on this continent. Almost all animals of this continent live nearby with plants. The specificity of Antarctica attracts a large number of tourists and scientists.

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