Animals of Antarctica photo with names and descriptions, list, interesting facts | Animal world of Antarctica

Antarctica cannot boast of a large amount of wildlife due to severe frosts and constant cold. Many mammals migrate when extreme cold sets in. The whole living world is closely connected with the territories of the oceans. The water in Antarctica is rich in plankton, which feed on cetaceans, birds and fish. The most popular mammal in Antarctica is the blue whale. It is rightfully the largest animal of the entire Earth, with a body length of up to 40 meters in length. Well, the second most popular representative of Antarctica is a penguin.


Kerguelen fur seal

Sea leopard

crabeater seal

Weddell seal

southern elephant seal

Ross seal


Atlantic toothfish

marble notothemia

white-blooded pike


Blue whale

southern right whale

Seiwal (Iwas whale)

fin whale

Sperm whale

Humpback whale

southern minke whale

killer whale

flat-faced bottlenose



Antarctic tern

Antarctic blue-eyed cormorant

white plover


snow petrel

wandering albatross

South polar skua

Southern giant petrel

Wilson’s storm-petrel



emperor penguin

king penguin

subantarctic penguin

Adelie Penguin

crested penguin

gentoo penguin


The fauna of Antarctica is extremely specific and is represented by a large number of aquatic inhabitants. The most common animal of this continent is the seal. Elephant seals and leopard seals are found on the ocean coast. The number of invertebrate arthropods on this continent is only 67 species of ticks and 4 species of lice.  All existing animals of this continent have evolutionary adaptations for life in such a harsh climate. Many secrets of this eternally cold region are still being studied by scientists.

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