Animals of broad-leaved forests of Eurasia and the world a short list

In the forests of this type, a rich animal fauna is represented. The largest populations of predators and ungulates, rodents and insects are found in forests where people interfere least. Artiodactyls are represented by wild boars and deer, roe deer and elks. Among the predators of the forest are large populations of martens and wolves, ferrets and foxes, weasels and ermines. You can also meet forest cats and lynxes, brown bears and badgers. Mostly forest predators are medium-sized animals, with the exception of bears. Populations of nutrias, squirrels, muskrats, beavers and other rodents live here. On the lower level of the forest you can meet hedgehogs, mice, rats, shrews.


A wild boar

Noble deer







Brown bear




Depending on the geographic location, different animals live in different forest ecosystems. So in the Far East, black bears, Manchurian hares, Amur tigers are common. Raccoon dogs and Far Eastern leopards are also found here. A small animal skunk and a raccoon beloved by many people live in the American forests.


Bird world in the forest

Many birds nest in the crowns of trees. These are finches and swallows, rooks and harriers, larks and nightingales, crows and hawks, tits and sparrows. Often in the forests you can meet pigeons, bullfinches, woodpeckers, magpies, cuckoos, orioles. Among large birds, pheasants and black grouse, as well as owls and owls are found in broad-leaved forests. Some species overwinter in the forests, and some leave their homeland and fly to warmer climes in the fall, returning in the spring.






Reptiles and amphibians

Snakes and vipers, snakes and copperhead snakes are found in broad-leaved forests. This is a fairly small list of snakes. Many lizards can be found in the forests. These are green lizards, spindles, viviparous lizards. Marsh turtles, moor and pond frogs, crested newts, spotted salamanders live near water bodies.

green lizard

swamp turtle



It all depends on what points of the Earth are broadleaved forests and what reservoirs are on their territory. In rivers, lakes and swamps, both salmon and carp fish species can be found. Soms, pikes, sandcaries and other species can still live.




A lot of animals, insects, and birds live in broadleaved forests. These are representatives of different types of fauna. They create whole food chains. The influence of a person can significantly violate the rhythm of the life of the forest, so forests need protection at the state level, and not the intervention of people.

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