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The fauna of China is very diverse and contains very unusual animals and birds. Some of the species exist only here. The sad fact is that many of them are on the verge of extinction and are extremely rare. The reasons for this, as in many other areas, are human disturbance of natural habitats, as well as hunting and poaching. Among the listed species there are officially declared extinct in the wild. Some of them are preserved and tried to be bred in nature reserves and zoos around the world.

Indian elephant

Representatives of this species of elephants are large in size. The weight and size of males is greater than that of females. On average, the weight of an elephant ranges from 2 to 5.5 tons, depending on gender and age. Lives in wooded areas with dense shrubs.

Asian ibis

This bird is a relative of the stork and lived in large numbers in the Asian part of the planet. As a result of hunting and industrial development, Asian ibis are almost exterminated. At the moment, this is an extremely rare bird listed in the International Red Book.

Roxellan rhinopitecus

These monkeys have a very unusual, colorful color. The color of the coat is dominated by orange tones, and the face has a bluish tint. Roxellanus rhinopithec lives in the mountains, at an altitude of up to 3 kilometers. They migrate in search of places with a lower air temperature.

flying dog

This animal has an amazing ability to fly, like a bird. In search of food, they can fly up to 40 kilometers in one night. Flying dogs feed on various fruits and mushrooms, while plant “hunting” begins at night.


Artiodactyl animal, which is a “relative” of the gazelle. It lives in desert and semi-desert regions of many Asian countries. The classic color of the goitered gazelle is sandy, however, depending on the season, the color saturation changes. In winter, his fur becomes lighter.


A relatively small bear whose main food is bamboo. However, the panda is omnivorous, and can also eat bird eggs, insects, and small animals. It lives in dense forests with the obligatory presence of reed beds. In the hot season, it rises high into the mountains, choosing places with a lower temperature.

Himalayan bear

A relatively small bear. Most often it has a black color, but there are also a sufficient number of individuals with a brown or reddish tint. Excellent tree climber and spends most of his time on them. The bulk of the Himalayan bear’s diet is plant foods.

black-necked crane

The height of adults of this crane is more than a meter. The main habitat is the territory of China. Depending on the season, the bird migrates within its range. The diet includes both plant and animal foods. Life expectancy up to 30 years.


Artiodactyl little-studied animal. Lives in the highlands of Tibet. Actively hunted by poachers because of valuable wool. As a result of uncontrolled hunting, the number of orangos is declining, the animal is listed in the International Red Book.

Przewalski’s horse

A wild animal that lives in Asian countries. It is as similar as possible to an ordinary horse, but differs in a different genetic set. The Przewalski’s horse has practically disappeared from the wild and at the moment, in the reserves, work is underway to restore a normal population.

white tiger

Is a mutated Bengal tiger. Wool white with dark stripes. Currently, all white tigers are kept and bred in zoos, such an animal has not been recorded in nature, since the frequency of the birth of a tiger with a white color is extremely low.


An animal from the horse family. Main habitat Tibet. Prefers dry steppe regions up to a height of five kilometers. Kiang is a social animal and keeps in packs. Excellent swimmer, feeds on vegetation.

Chinese giant salamander

An amphibian with a body length of up to two meters. A salamander can weigh up to 70 kilograms. The main part of the diet is fish, as well as crustaceans. The main habitats are clean and cold waters in the mountains of eastern China. At present, the population of the Chinese giant salamander is declining.

bactrian camel

Differs in extreme unpretentiousness and endurance. It lives in rocky regions of the mountains and foothills of China, where there is very little food and almost no water. It knows how to move perfectly along mountain steeps and can do without a watering hole for a very long time.

Little panda

Small animal from the panda family. It feeds exclusively on plant foods, in particular young bamboo shoots. Currently, small panda in the wild is recognized as an endangered look, so it is actively divorced in zoos and reserves.

Other animals of China

Chinese river dolphin

Water mammal living in some rivers of China. This dolphin is distinguished by poor vision and an excellent echolocation apparatus. In 2017, this species was officially declared extinct and currently not a single individual in the wild.

Chinese alligator

A very rare alligator with a yellowish-gray coloring in the eastern part of Asia. Before the onset of winter, digs a hole and, placing inside, hibernates. Currently, the number of this type is reduced. According to observations in the wild, there are no more than 200 individuals.

Goldenpowered snubbearing monkey

The second name is Roxellan Rinopite. This is a monkey with an unusual orange-red color of the wool and a bluish face. Inhabits mountains up to three kilometers high. It climbs trees very well and spends most of its life at a height.

Deer of David

Large deer absent in the wild. Currently lives only in zoos around the world. He has a great love for water, in which he spends a lot of time. The deer of David swims well and changes the color of the coat, depending on the time of year.

south chinese tiger

It is an extremely rare tiger, on the verge of extinction. According to some reports, no more than 10 individuals remain in the wild. Differs in relatively small size and high running speed. When chasing prey, a tiger can accelerate to speeds above 50 km/h.

Brown eared pheasant

A bird with an unusual, beautiful coloring of feathers. It lives in the northeastern part of China, preferring mountain forests of any type. As a result of human disturbance of natural habitat conditions, the number of this phase is steadily declining.

white-handed gibbon

The most famous representative of the gibbon family. Perfectly adapted to climbing trees and spends most of his life on them. Lives in different parts of China in a wide range of altitudes. Prefers both wet forests and mountain ranges.

slow loris

A small primate whose body weight does not exceed one and a half kilograms. Differs in the presence of a gland that secretes a toxic secret. Mixing it with saliva, loris licks the fur, creating protection from predator attacks. The activity of the primate manifests itself in the dark. During the day he sleeps in the dense canopy of trees.

Ili pika

A small animal that looks like a hamster, but is a “relative” of a hare. It lives in the highlands of China, preferring a cold climate. A distinctive feature of the Ili pika is harvesting grass for the winter. “Mowed” blades of grass are dried and hidden between stones in reserve.

Snow Leopard

Large predatory animal, “relative” of the tiger and leopard. Has an unusually beautiful color. The smoky coat is covered with dark gray spots of a specific shape. The number of the snow leopard is very small, it is listed in the International Red Book.

Chinese paddlefish

Predatory fish that was found in freshwater reservoirs of China. In the past tense, they talk about her because of the suspicion of the complete extinction of the species. Feeds on small crustaceans and other aquatic invertebrates. Attempts to breed paddlefish in artificial conditions have not yet been successful.


A small animal that looks like a squirrel and a rat at the same time. Lives in the tropical forests of Asian countries. Most of the time they spend in trees, but they can move well on the ground. Eat both plant and animal food.


In China, there are about 6,200 species of vertebrates, of which more than 2,000 are terrestrial, as well as about 3,800 fish. Many representatives of the Chinese fauna live only here and are world famous. One of them is the giant panda, which is actively used in logos, art and is generally associated with China. Due to the diverse and specific climate conditions in remote parts of the country, animals that previously inhabited neighboring territories are preserved.

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