Animals of deciduous forests photos with names

In deciduous forests, animals live, which belong to large and small mammals, as well as carnivorous and herbivores. A variety of species of animal deciduous forests is determined by the region in which the forest is located. Most of the forest residents consists of herbivorous representatives of the fauna. They feed on berries, leaves, nuts, fruits. But there are omnivorous representatives of the forest world.

The ground tier is mainly populated by representatives of predators, such as bears, foxes, badgers. Forest thickets mastered roe deer, deer, skunk, hares. And the upper floors on the trees like proteins, lynxes, martens, ferrets, caresses.

Brown bear

Grey Wolf



Cosul European

Dappled deer

The lynx is ordinary

European mink

Forest ferret

Other animals of deciduous forests


Ordinary fox


Abert’s squirrel

The protein is ordinary






Ordinary hedgehog


Forest mouse

Gray partridge


Animals living in deciduous forests are perfectly adapted to seasonal conditions and changes in the temperature regime. Representatives of the fauna of deciduous forests are preoccupied with searching for food in different ways. But in winter, the soil and vegetation do not bring food. Therefore, animals of deciduous forests are forced to choose the following options: migration, search or construction of somehow shelters or hibernation. Such methods allow animals to survive in the cold period. Large animals sleeping mode allows you to save energy resources of the body. Most mammals remain in the forest for the winter.

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