Animals of Eurasia in photo | Fauna of Eurasia briefly

Russia lies in several climatic zones and many natural zones have been formed here, respectively, this has affected the biological diversity of flora and fauna. Animals are an integral part of nature that influence the development of other constituent parts of the biosphere.

Diversity of animals in different natural areas

Mammals, birds and insects, reptiles and amphibians are found in the country. These are views of various natural zones: from arctic deserts to mountains, forests, steppes and sandy deserts.

Depending on climatic conditions, various ecosystems have been formed in which animals form certain food chains. They have their adaptations to survive.

Arctic fauna

The main feature of the representatives of the Arctic deserts is that they must have adaptations to survive at the lowest temperatures, since the climate here is harsh. Species diversity is poor here. The largest representatives are polar bears and walruses. There are seals and bearded seals, walruses, harp seals. These species of fauna live both in water and on land. Among land species it is worth noting reindeer and arctic foxes.


sea ​​hare

Arctic fox (polar fox)

Tundra animals

In the tundra, the climatic conditions are slightly better, but there are still severe frosts, wind and cold. Accordingly, the animal world is richer in the tundra. Mostly animals here have light-colored fur. These are arctic foxes and reindeer. Among the birds you can meet a snowy owl, a snow bunting, an eider and a peregrine falcon. Salmon and whitefish live in reservoirs, as well as other types of fish.


peregrine falcon


Taiga animals

Many different representatives live in the forests of the taiga. These are squirrels and brown bears, sables and ermines, martens and white hares. Moose, red deer, and reindeer are found here. Lynx can be seen from the cat family in these forests. Various birds live in the crowns of trees: Nutcracker, eagle owls, golden eagles, waxwings, crows.


Golden eagle


forest fauna

Animals of mixed and broad-leaved forests are multifaceted. Deer, European roe deer and wild boars are found among large mammals. Predators are also found here: badgers, wolves, minks, pine martens and lynxes. The bird world is very rich here: finches, woodpeckers, goldfinches, cuckoos, bullfinches, hazel grouses, siskins, thrushes, orioles, hawks and others.




Representatives of the forest-steppe and steppe

This area is home to a variety of animals. This is a unique ecosystem, which is represented by European hares and tolai hares, ground squirrels and hamsters (Djungarian and gray), marmots and voles, squirrels and jerboas, as well as other rodents. Of the predatory species, wolves and foxes live. There are many birds in the steppe zone. These are the steppe harrier and golden bee-eater, bittern and hoopoe, field lark and pink starling, bustard and steppe eagle, gray heron and quail, kestrel and gray partridge.



The steppe moon

Golden pitch




Fauna of halfdeserts and deserts

The central part of Eurasia, located in Asia, is occupied by deserts, halfdeserts are periodically found. There is a very hot climate, and there is either no precipitation at all, or they are very rare. Under such conditions, it is difficult for animals to find food and water, and you also need to hide from the heat, so they mainly hunt at night, and in the afternoon they are in shelter and sleep.

The main animal deserts:

Ferret, grooves, carcasses, gophers, shrews.



Eared hedgehog

A very numerical number of birds live in this natural zone. They appear here in the spring and summer. Due to the natural conditions, many of them drive nests right on the sand. Basically, birds have a camouflage color.

Animals of the mountains

In the Far East and the Caucasus (we are considering the Russian part), as well as in Siberia, there are mountain ranges. A unique animal world has formed here. First of all, representatives of the fauna must adapt to movement on slopes and rocks, as well as on snow. Secondly, the situation is complicated by the fact that severe weather conditions in the mountains. So, depending on the height, both the temperature regime and the flora change. If at the foot of the mountains it can be summer, then on the same day at the top winter.

Of the large representatives of the flora, snow sheep and snow leopards, marals and gazelles live here. Among the birds there are stone partridges, rock pigeons, bearded vultures, black vultures, Altai snowcocks, mountain geese.



stone partridge

rock pigeons

bearded lamb

Animal conservation

Many species of fauna in different natural areas are on the verge of extinction. Of course, first of all, their preservation depends on the people inhabiting the country, but secondly, many reserves, nature reserves and national parks have been created, where pristine nature and animals can live there peacefully. These objects are under state protection. The largest reserves: Magadansky, Ubsunurskaya hollow, Kivach, Laplandsky reserve, Nizhnesvirsky, Prioksko-Terrasny, Baikal, Caucasian, Great Arctic and other reserves.

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