Animals of humid equatorial forests fauna and inhabitants of the equatorial forest

The equatorial forest is a unique ecosystem of the planet. It is always warm here, but because it rains almost every day, the humidity is high. In such conditions, many species of animals and birds have adapted to live. Since the trees grow very densely, the forest seems to be impenetrable, and that is why the world of fauna is little studied here. Scientists say that about 2/3 of all the inhabitants of the animal world that are on earth live in different tiers of the equatorial forest.

Representatives of the lower tiers of the forest

Insects and rodents live on the lower tier. There are a lot of butterflies and beetles here. For example, in the equatorial forest, the goliath beetle lives, the heaviest beetle on the planet. Sloths, chameleons, anteaters, armadillos, spider monkeys are found at various levels. Porcupines roam the forest floor. There are also bats here.

goliath beetle



spider monkeys


Predators of the equatorial forests

Jaguars and leopards are among the largest predators. Jaguars go hunting at dusk. They hunt monkeys and birds, and especially kill various ungulates. These felines have very powerful jaws that can bite through tortoise shells and are also prey to jaguars. These animals are excellent swimmers, and can even sometimes attack alligators.



Leopards are found in various places. They hunt alone in ambush, kill ungulates and birds. They also quietly sneak up on the victim and attack her. Color allows you to hide with the environment. These animals live in forests, can climb trees.

Amphibians and reptiles

More than two thousand fish are found in reservoirs, and frogs can be found on the banks of forests. Some species spawn in rainwater on trees. In the forest floor you can find various snakes, pythons, lizards. Crocodiles can also be found in the rivers of America and Africa.




bird world

The world of feathered equatorial forests is interesting and diverse. There are small nectarine birds here, they have bright plumage. They feed on the nectar of exotic flowers. Another inhabitants of the forest toucans. They are distinguished by a huge yellow beak and bright feathers. Forests are full of various parrots.

Nectorite bird


Equatorial forests are amazing nature. The world of flora has several thousand species. Since the thickets of the forest are thick and difficult, the flora and fauna are little studied, but in the future there will be many amazing species.

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