Animals of India with photos and names | Animal world of India

India is known for its incredible wildlife. Favorable climatic conditions ensure the survival of species. About 25% of the territory is thick forests, and this is an ideal habitat for the wild fauna.

There are about 90,000 animal species in India, including 2,000 bird species, 500 mammals and more than 30,000 insects, numerous species of fish and amphibians, reptiles. Wildlife is preserved in more than 120 national parks and 500 nature reserves.

Many animals are found only on the subcontinent. These include:

  • Asian elephant;
  • Bengal tiger;
  • Asian lion;
  • Indian rhinoceros;
  • several types of monkeys;
  • antelopes;
  • hyenas;
  • jackals;
  • endangered indian wolf.
  • mammals


    Indian elephant

    Bengal tiger


    Hooded Gulman

    Lvinohovsky macaque


    Asiatic lion


    common rat

    Indian flying squirrel

    Little panda

    common dog

    Red Wolf

    asian wolf


    giant squirrel

    Indian Nilgiri Tahr

    Indian rhinoceros

    common jackal


    Asian buffalo


    Indian antelope (Gharna)

    Indian fox


    Indian vulture

    indian peacock

    Malabar parrot

    big bustard

    Indian whistling duck

    Girya (Cotton pygmy goose)

    Lesser grebe



    red scorpion

    black scorpion

    water bug

    Reptiles and snakes

    Ghanaian gharial

    swamp crocodile

    Indian cobra

    Indian krait

    Russell’s viper

    sand efa

    Marine life

    river dolphin

    Whale shark

    giant catfish


    At last count, only 1,411 Bengal tigers remained in the wild due to the destruction of their natural habitat and population growth. The Bengal tiger is the national animal of India, the fastest mammal on earth.

    Each region in India has its own unique animals, birds and plants. Indian gazelles roam the deserts of Rajasthan. Monkeys swing in the trees in the rainforest. Shaggy yaks, blue sheep and musk deer climb the rocky Himalayan mountains.

    There are many different types of snakes in India. The most famous and scary is the king cobra, it is big and powerful. Russell’s viper from India is extremely poisonous.

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