Animals of Madagascar list with photos and names | Animal world of Madagascar

Madagascar is the center of endemic wildlife, which makes up most of the fauna of the island. The fact that the island remained in relative isolation after breaking off from the Gondwana supercontinent ensured that nature would flourish without human impact until about 2,000 years ago.

About 75% of all animals found in Madagascar are native species.

All known species of lemurs live only in Madagascar.

Due to isolation, many animals living in the African mainland, such as lions, leopards, zebras, giraffes, monkeys and antelopes, did not come to Madagascar.

More than 2/3 of the world’s chameleons live on the island.


crowned lemur

lemur vari

Lemur cat



Madagascar bat

striped tenrec

Sifaka walnut

Indri white-fronted


ring-tailed mungo

Egyptian mongoose

bush pig


Madagascar comet

Madagascar hissing cockroach

giraffe weevil

Spider Darwin

Reptiles and snakes

panther chameleon

Fantasy leaf-tailed gecko

Madagascar leaf-nosed snake



Malagasy blunt-nosed snake

Big-eyed snake


frog tomato

black mantella


red fudi

Madagascar long-eared owl

Madagascar dive

Blue Madagascar Cuckoo

Grey-headed lovebird

Madagascar eagle

Barn owl Madagascar

Madagascar pond heron

Marine life

fin whale

Blue whale

Striped Eden

Humpback whale

southern whale

pygmy sperm whale

killer whale

Orca pygmy



The different types of habitat on the island include:

  • deserts;
  • tropical dry forests;
  • tropical rainforests,
  • dry deciduous forests;
  • savannas;
  • coastal areas.
  • All animals, birds and insects have adapted to their environment; With such a diverse environment, it is natural to have a rich variety of living organisms.

    The nature of Madagascar is facing threats, species are on the verge of extinction, mainly due to the illegal animal trade and loss of habitat due to urbanization. Many species, including chameleons, snakes, geckos and turtles, face the threat of extinction.

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