Animals of the desert and semi-desert of Eurasia and the whole world

Nature on the entire planet is diverse and in different parts of the world, its own animal world is formed, characteristic of a particular natural zone. In areas such as semi-deserts and deserts, severe weather and climatic conditions reign, and a special world of fauna has formed here that has managed to adapt to this environment.

Features of the animal world of deserts and semi-deserts

In deserts, on average, temperature fluctuations are 25-55 degrees Celsius, so during the day, for example, it can be +35, and at night5. It rains only in spring in small amounts, but sometimes precipitation does not occur in deserts for several years. Summers are very hot, and winters are severe with frosts of50 degrees. In semi-deserts, climatic conditions are somewhat milder. In such harsh conditions, there are not many plants growing, and only those that are adapted to these conditions shrubs, semi-shrubs, perennial herbs, mainly succulents, evergreens, etc.P.

In this regard, representatives of the animal world of deserts and semi-deserts have adapted to these natural conditions. In order to survive, living beings have the following qualities:

  • animals run fast, and birds fly long distances;
  • small herbivores and mammals have learned to jump to escape from enemies;
  • lizards and crayons dig holes for themselves;
  • birds make their nests in abandoned burrows;
  • sometimes there are representatives of adjacent natural areas.
  • mammals

    Among the mammals in the deserts are jerboas and hares, corsacs, eared hedgehogs and ground squirrels, gazelles and camels, Mendes antelopes and fennies. In semi-deserts you can meet wolves and foxes, beosar goats and antelopes, hares and gerbils, jackals and striped hyenas, caracals and steppe cats, kulans and meerkats, hamsters and jerboas.


    tolai hare


    eared hedgehog


    Gazelle Dorcas

    One-humped camel Dromedar

    Bactrian camel

    Antelope Mendes (Addax)

    fennec fox

    Beosar goat


    striped hyena


    steppe cat




    Many species of reptiles live in semi-deserts and deserts, such as monitor lizards and steppe turtles, horned vipers and geckos, agamas and sand ephs, horned rattlesnakes and tailed vipers, eared roundheads and Central Asian turtles.

    gray monitor lizard

    horned viper


    steppe agama

    sand efa

    tailed viper

    Eared roundhead

    Central Asian tortoise

    Insects and arachnids

    Quite a lot of insects live in this area: scorpions, spiders, beetles, locusts, karakurts, caterpillars, scarab beetle, mosquitoes.




    Scarab beetle


    Here you can meet various types of birds, such as ostriches and jays, sparrows and pigeons, bullfinches and partridges, larks and crows, golden eagles and grouse.


    Saxaul jay

    Golden eagle

    black-bellied grouse

    field lark

    Depending on geographical latitudes, various ecosystems are formed in semi-deserts and deserts, characteristic of a particular climatic zone. On the border lines you can meet representatives of neighboring natural areas. The conditions of deserts and semi-deserts are special, and only those animals, insects, birds that can move quickly, can hide from the heat, are active at night and can exist without water for a long time can survive in them.

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