Animals of the oceans an interesting animal world of the ocean in a photo

The oceans are the largest ecosystem on the planet, covering a large area of ​​the Earth. A huge number of animals live in the waters of the oceans: from single-celled microorganisms to huge blue whales. An excellent environment has developed here for the habitat of all kinds of fauna, and the water is filled with oxygen. Plankton lives in surface waters. The first ninety meters of depth in the water areas are densely populated by various animals. The deeper, the darker the ocean floor, but even at the level of thousands of meters under water, life is in full swing.

In general, scientists note that the fauna of the World Ocean has been studied by less than 20%. At the moment, about 1.5 million species of fauna have been identified, but experts suggest that about 25 million species of different creatures live in the waters. All divisions of animals are very conditional, but they can be approximately divided into groups.


The most numerous class of inhabitants of the ocean is fish, since there are more than 250 thousand of them, and every year scientists discover new species that were previously unknown to anyone. Cartilaginous fish are rays and sharks.



Stingrays are tail-shaped, rhomboid, electric, sawfish-shaped. Swimming in the oceans are Tiger, Blunt, Long-winged, Blue, Silk, Reef Sharks, Hammer Sharks, White, Giant, Fox, Carpet, Whale Sharks and others.

Tiger shark

Hammerhead shark


Whales are the largest representatives of the oceans. They belong to the class of mammals and have three suborders: mustachioed, toothed and ancient. To date, 79 species of cetaceans are known. The most famous representatives:

Blue whale

killer whale

Sperm whale


gray whale

Humpback whale

herring whale

Beluga whale


Tasmanian beaked

Plavun northern

Other ocean animals

One of the mysterious but beautiful representatives of the fauna of the oceans is corals.


They are miniature animals with limestone skeletons that accumulate to form coral reefs. A fairly large group is crustaceans, numbering about 55 thousand. species, among which crayfish, lobsters, shrimps and lobsters are found almost everywhere.


Mollusks are invertebrates that live in their shells. Representatives of this group are octopuses, mussels, crabs.



In the cold waters of the oceans located at the poles, walruses, seals, sea seals are found.


Turtles live in warm waters. Interesting animals of the world ocean needlebrown sea stars, jellyfish and hedgehogs.


So, in all the oceans the planet lives a huge number of species, they are all very diverse and amazing. People have yet to study this mysterious underwater world of the oceans.

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