Antelope Dzeren from the Red Book Description and photo

Dzeren or as it is often called, the zobastic antelope refers to animals, which are introduced in the Red Book under the status as a type, which almost completely disappeared from Eurasia. Unfortunately, the industrial interest in this species of animals at one time led to the fact that the type has almost completely disappeared from this territory.

Dzeren is a small, slender and even light antelope. Light because its weight does not exceed 30 kilograms with a length of about half a meter. They also have a tail only 10 centimeters, but very mobile. The legs of the antelops are strong enough, but at the same time thin. This body design allows them to easily and quickly overcome long distances and run away from danger.

Males are somewhat different from females they have a small protrusion in the throat area called goiter, and horns. Females do not have a horn. Both the first and the second color are sandy yellow, and closer to the belly becomes lighter, almost to white.

The horns of the derens are relatively small only 30 centimeters in height. At the base they are almost black, and closer to the top they become lighter. In their form, they are slightly twisted. The height at the withers does not exceed half a meter.

Habitat and lifestyle

This type of antelope considers the steppe plains to be the best location for itself, but sometimes it also enters the mountain plateau. At the moment, the animal mainly lives on the territory of Mongolia and China. And in the last century, Dzerny was on the territory of Eurasia in a fairly large number they could be found in Altai, in East Transbaikalia and on Tylyu. Then the thousandth herds of these animals calmly lived here. Now in these territories an antelope can be found very rarely and then only during their migration.

In Eurasia, the Drasers disappeared due to the negative impact of several factors. So, in the years of the Second World War, they were massively caught for meat harvesting. Prior to this, a decrease in their number was due to hunting, and only for the sake of fun to catch up with an antelope on a car was not difficult and the animal died of bullets, wheels of a car or simply from fear.

The development of the agrarian industry played an important role in all this the plowing of the steppes reduced territories suitable for living, and reduced the number of feed reserves. As for the natural factors of a decrease in the number of animals, these are predators and cold winters.

In 1961, the crafts on the derens were completely prohibited, but the situation did not improve.

The marriage period begins in the late autumn and goes almost until January. At this time, males are excommunicated from the herd, and females gradually join them. Thus, it turns out a “harem” from one male individual and 5-10 females.

The pregnancy is about six months, so the cubs come to light in the warm season. 1-2 babies are born, who by six months become almost adults.

Antelope Dzeren from the Red Book Description and photo


Dzeren is an animal that does not like loneliness and lives only in a herd, consisting of both several hundred and several thousand individuals. By nature, animals are quite active they quickly move from one place to another.

They feed mainly with different cereals and grass. As for the water, in the warm season, when the feed is juicy, they can do without it for some time. They graze mainly in the early morning and evening, but during the day they prefer to rest.

Antelopes are especially difficult in winter, when it is almost impossible to get food from under snow and ice. According to statistical data, there are currently about 1 million individuals of this species in the world, but almost all of them live on the territory of Mongolia and China.

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