Arabian mau cat breed: characteristics, photo, character, care and content rules


  • Country of origin: UAE (United Arab Emirates)
  • Type of wool:
  • Growth:
    25-30 cm
  • The weight:
    4-8 kg
  • Age:
    on average 14 years
  • Brief information

  • Very active, curious and quickwitted breed;
  • Differs in independence and independence;
  • Affectionate and loving.
  • Character

    Arabian Mau is an abdicent breed inhabiting the territories of the modern Middle East for more than 10 centuries. These graceful and strong cats lived in the desert for a long time, not letting people in them, but over time their lifestyle has changed. Today these are frequent guests on the streets of the cities of the UAE and Qatar. The breed was recognized as WCF in 2008, only one nursery in Dubai officially divorces them officially.

    Arabian mau is a strong, able to stand up for himself. She has a strong body and freedomloving character. At the same time, mau are strongly attached to the family, love to play, get along very well with children. With their affectionate character, they bribe future owners, but it must be remembered that the “children of the desert” obey only equal to themselves. The owner of the Arabian Mau must have an excerpt to become a leader for a pet. Representatives of this breed are used to protecting their territory from strangers, so they get along well with other pets. Arabians do not tolerate excessive attention to themselves, especially if it consists in limiting freedom of movement, and therefore they will not fit the role of a toy-toy pets. These cats will become excellent companions for those who are looking for a smart look and equal relationships.


    Arabian Mau has excellent both physical and mental health, not spoiled by selection, so it is not characterized by chronic diseases.

    Adult Arabian Mau has thick, hard and short wool. During molting, it is advisable to comb the pet, it is also necessary to regularly trim the claws and monitor the cleanliness of the teeth. You need to bathe it not very often, but also at least once every six months.

    Now Arabian Mau is becoming more and more popular. However, this is a rare breed that is not so easy to get outside the Arab Emirates. These cats are characterized by a fairly large palette of colors: from plain black to white-red Tabby, so it is difficult to determine the color of the breed by color. Remember that it has an important feature the absence of undercoat. That’s why, if you are offered a muscular cat, outwardly similar to the Arabian Mau, but having a undercoat, do not believe the seller.

    Conditions of detention

    In the apartment, Mau should be able to conquer peaks and rest in a secluded corner. His tray and bowl should be located in an easily accessible, but not too open place. In view of its origin, Arabian Mau tolerates heat and cold perfectly, therefore it does not require the creation of a special temperature regime in the apartment.

    To maintain the health of the Mau, an active lifestyle should be conducted. In the natural habitat, they move a lot: they run, jump, overcome various obstacles, and therefore in conditions of home life they need walks. However, this does not mean that you can let the cat out into the street and wait for her return. This attitude is fraught with undesirable consequences: a cat’s pregnancy, rabies, an accident or the death of an animal. Therefore, you need to walk with your favorite, holding it on a special feline leash. The frequency of walks depends on the activity of the pet, on average twice a week is enough to release accumulated energy.

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