Are there places on earth where there are no mosquitoes?

In the summer season, picnic lovers have to stock up on mosquitoes. Small bloodsuckers can not only spoil the rest, but also cause troubles. About 20,000,000 people die every year from malaria. These are mainly children. Insects are carriers and other dangerous diseases, including certain types of fever. Millions of people around the world dream that small «Vampires» They died out completely. It turns out that these squeaky insects do not all cause inconvenience. There are countries on Earth where there are no mosquitoes.

Who are they – Small bloodsuckers?

Mosquitoes belong to the family of biclane insects. All their representatives are characterized by the mouth organs represented by the upper and lower lip forming the case. It has 2 pairs of jaws in the form of thin needles. Males differ from female individuals: their jaws are underdeveloped, so they cannot bite.

There are about 3,000 species of mosquitoes on Earth, of which 100 live in Eurasia. Bloodsucking insects are common around the world. But there are places where there are no mosquitoes at all.

It is the female who eats human blood. It is a carrier of infections and dangerous diseases. Mosquito evaluates the attractiveness of the human individual in several «points». Among them – natural aroma of the body, the presence of spirits and blood type.

Countries in which there are no mosquitoes

Many do not believe that there are such places on the planet. It is known that insects do not like cold regions, because they are unsuitable for their life and propagation. So, where there are no mosquitoes in the world?

  1. Antarctica – It is cold there all year round.
  2. Iceland – The exact reasons for the lack of small bloodsuckers in the country are not established.
  3. Faroe islands – Due to the characteristics of the climate.

If the first point does not raise questions, then on the second and third I want to hear reasonable explanations. Scientists still find out the exact reasons for the lack of bloodsucking insects in Iceland. To date, the following versions are put forward by them:

  1. The peculiarity of the Icelandic climate, which is characterized by frequent alternations of cold and heat.
  2. The chemical composition of the soil.
  3. The water of the country.

In the Faroe Islands, mosquitoes do not live due to the features of the ocean climate (which are accurately, scientists do not explain).

That the mosquito does not like

Iceland – European country where there are no mosquitoes. But do not go there, only to enjoy the absence of these annoying insects. We learn the main factors that irritate and scare away mosquitoes.

Small «Vampires» prefer victims in a state of intoxication. This is due to a peculiar smell that comes from their skin. Hedgery drinks make the human body warm, moisturized, and in the summer – sticky. All these moments are very attracted to mosquitoes.

Bloodsucking insects do not like citrus aroma, dryness, smoke. In places where the frequent accumulation of mosquitoes is observed, it is recommended to make a fire, to have plants with a bitter citrus smell with you. Small «Vampires» They love water very much. Near water sources, they put down the larvae. Therefore, dry places will not be attractive for them.

Where there are no mosquitoes yet? They areware of the places where Picaridin is present. This is a synthetic compound that was developed on the basis of a plant resembling burning pepper. It is added to drugs used to protect against mosquitoes. He holds insects at a distance.

What will happen if mosquitoes disappear

Mass extinction of flies on Earth would be considered an environmental disaster. The complete disappearance of bloodsucking insects is also a considerable danger. We know in which country there are no mosquitoes – This is Iceland. And people living there do not face environmental problems. But this is rather an exception, not the rule. If there were no mosquitoes on Earth, the following unpleasant moments would have arisen:

  1. Many species of fish disappeared in the lakes.
  2. The number of plants that feed from the larvae of bloodsucking insects decreased in reservoirs.
  3. Plants pollinated by mosquitoes disappeared.
  4. Cities left some species of birds. Among them – Swallows and cutting. The population of birds in the Arctic tundra would also decrease.
  5. The number of others has increased «vampires»: blind, ticks, deer bloodsuckers, midges, land leeches.

Yes, there are places on Earth where there are no mosquitoes. But there are few of them. People should not strive to increase their number. The disappearance of bloodsucking insects will become a source of new environmental problems. Therefore, you cannot completely exterminate them. Any living organism was conceived not in vain. In addition to harm, he brings a lot of benefits to a person.

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