Arid and humid climate signs and features

In addition to the main climatic zones, in nature there are several transitional and specific, characteristic of some natural zones and a special type of area. Among these types, it is worth highlighting arid, which is inherent in deserts, and a humid, waterlogged climate located at some points of the planet.

Arid climate

The arid type of climate is characterized by increased dryness and high air temperatures. No more than 150 millimeters fall in a year, and sometimes there is no rain at all. Fluctuations in the night and daily temperature are significant, which contributes to the destruction of rocks and their transformation into sand. The rivers sometimes flow through the desert, but here they are significantly shallow and can end with salty lakes. This type of climate is characterized by strong winds that form the wavy relief of dunes and margins.

Arid climate is found in the following places:

  • Sahara Desert;
  • Victoria desert in Australia;
  • deserts of the Arabian Peninsula;
  • in Central Asia;
  • In North and South America.
  • Scientists distinguish such subtypes: climate of hot deserts, cold deserts and soft desert climate. The hottest climate in the deserts of North Africa, South Asia and the Middle East, Australia, the USA and Mexico. The climate of cold deserts is mainly found in Asia, for example, in the Gobi desert, Takla-Makan. A relatively soft climate in the deserts of South America in attack, in North America in California, and in Africa some territories of the Namib desert.

    Humid climate

    The humid climate is distinguished by such a level of moisturizing the territory that there is more atmospheric precipitation than they manage to evaporate. A large number of water bodies are formed in this area. This can harm the soil, since there is a water erosion of soil. The moistureloving flora grows here.

    There are two subtypes of a humid climate:

  • Polar inherent in the zone with perennial soils, the nutrition of the rivers is inhibited, and precipitation is intensified;
  • tropical in these places precipitation partially seep into the ground.
  • In the zone with humid climate, there is a natural zone of forests where you can find various species of plants.

    Thus, in some places, special climatic conditions can be noted either very dry or very wet. In the desert zone of arid climate, where it is very hot. In the forests where there is a lot of precipitation and high humidity, a humid climate has formed. These subtypes are not found everywhere on the planet, but only in specific places.

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