Armored dinosaurs: description, characteristics, photo

The life of herbivorous dinosaurs was full of dangers, they always had to be on the alert so as not to please a predator for dinner. If small agile dinosaurs could escape from enemies by flight, then slow heavyweights dressed in armor.

First Bulletproof Vest

It is known that armor is a reliable means of protection. Dinosaurs “invented” it long before the knights chained in armor. The name “scutellosaurus” means “little lizard with scutes”. It was a little over a meter long. This is one of the first dinosaurs, whose back and sides were covered with strong bone plates. They could well protect their owner from the teeth of small predators.

The dinosaur polakant was protected much more reliably. His armor consisted of fused bone plates covering the body like hoops. And in addition to this, rows of sharp spikes stretched along the sides of the body and along the tail. Polacant lived in North America.

Tail with mace

Another group of armored dinosaurs, the ankylosaurs, moved from passive defense to marvelous. An angry ankylosaurus waving a flexible and strong tail, ending in a large bony growth. It was a real mace a deadly weapon, given the impressive size of ankylosaurs, reaching a length of 5-9 meters.

The dinosaur ankylosaurus, which gave the name to the entire group of armored dinosaurs armed with “maces”, was its most impressive representative. He weighed like an elephant, and the weight of the bone growth on his tail reached 50 kilograms. With such a weapon it was quite possible to break the skull of the enemy.

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