Arnica mountain application, therapeutic properties, description and photo

Among the healing perennial plants, Arnica Mountain occupies a key place, as it has a unique chemical composition and is widely used in many areas. Grass can be found in the clearing of coniferous forests. The largest number of plants is concentrated in Lithuania, Latvia and Western Ukraine. Mountain Arnica is listed in the Red Book, because it is strictly impossible to tear out grass with the root.

Description and chemical composition

The mountain arika looks quite rosy and affably. The plant has lowered stems, basal, oblong, ovoid in shape with leaves. During flowering, flowers appear in the form of baskets of bright orange and yellow shades. The maximum growth of mountain arnica reaches 60 cm. Flowering falls on June-July month. Fruits have a cylindrical pointed shape.

It is believed that the most favorable period for the collection of arnica fruits is sunny, clear days without precipitation. As a rule, plant flowers are used in medicine and folk remedies, but roots and leaves are also rarely used.

Arnica Mountain has a rich chemical composition, which makes the effect of the use of drugs based on this plant. The main component is Arnitsin. The latter, in turn, consists of three elements: maximum hydrocarbons, arpiol and Faradiol. The flowers also contain essential oil and zinarin. In addition, Arnica is rich in vitamins, luten, various organic acids, unsaturated hydrocarbons and other substances.

Thanks to a pleasant smell, Arnik is used in perfumes and liquor industry.

Therapeutic properties of the plant

The plant is widely used in medicine, as well as cosmetology. Many massage therapists use arnicabased oils for sessions. The procedure allows you to remove stretching, and is shown during sports injuries.

Arnicabased drugs can be used in the following cases:

  • for the prevention of retinal disease;
  • as a disinfectant;
  • to reduce poor blood cholesterol;
  • after giving birth to reduce the uterus;
  • in order to normalize the menstrual cycle;
  • for the prevention of seizures and prevent paralysis;
  • To get rid of intestinal parasites.
  • Also, decoctions and infusions of mountain arnica are used to eliminate the rash on the skin, treatment of ulcers and with boils. When a cold appears on the lips, the outer broth will become an ideal remedy that will quickly eliminate the nuisance.

    In addition, arnica tincture is used to improve the tone of the nervous system, reduce the excitability of the brain and as a sedative. The systematic use of a plant based on a plant helps to prevent the appearance of seizures and normalize the heart rhythm. Arnic is also used during the recovery after hemorrhage in the brain.

    Contraindications for use

    Before the use of drugs with the addition of mountain arnica, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with contraindications and possible side effects in case of an overdose. Not all people can take arnica infusions, since plant essential oil is toxic and can cause serious harm to the body. Taking the drug is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • during pregnancy;
  • during lactation;
  • children under three years old;
  • people with a high level of blood coagulation;
  • with individual intolerance.
  • If after taking the drug there is shortness of breath, chills, pain in the stomach, nausea, diarrhea, then it is necessary to stop the further use of the drug.

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