Asian (Siberian) Burunduk a photo and description, where it lives, what is eaten a report

Asian Burunduk is a bright representative of mammals that belong to the Belichy family. Small animals actually have a number of similarities with ordinary squirrels, but more carefully looking, they can easily be distinguished from each other. Burundunes stand out from their relatives, first of all, the habitat. They are the only ones who settled in Eurasia, while the rest can be found on the territory of North America.

Description and features

Small animals grow up to 15 cm in length. Body weight from 80 to 100 g. The hallmark of the animal is characteristic dark stripes located on the back. Asian chipmunks have a long tail, it can reach up to 12 cm. You can also distinguish animals from protein by the following signs: the presence of short legs, a slender and mobile body. Many Asian chipmunks have a yellowish-brown-gray fur.

Asian chipmunks – Unrivaled builders. They build strong and inconspicuous burrows, carefully hiding the remaining land from the dug asylum. The animals lead a single lifestyle, they are not able to make friends with another individual and even more so to share their mink with it. It is noted that at home, two chipmunks in one cage soon begin to show aggression, and remain enemies for life.

Burundunes are able to make complex sounds that serve as a kind of alarm. Having learned danger, the animal gives a monosyllabic whistle or loud trill.


With the onset of cold, chipmunks fall into hibernation. After waking up in animals, the wedding season begins. By the end of spring, females give birth to babies in an amount of 3 to 10. The duration of pregnancy is 30 days. Newborn cubs are so tiny that they weigh up to 4 g. They are born naked and blind, but by the first month of life they open their eyes. After a few weeks, wool grows in babies and unique stripes become noticeable on the backs. The young mother has been with children for two months, after which he leaves them.

The life expectancy of chipmunks in the wild is 3-4 years, at home – 5 to 10 years old.

Animal diet

Nuts are considered the most beloved treats of animals. In addition, chipmunks feed on roots, insects, grassy plants and green shoots. In the diet of animals there are mollusks, linden, maple, mountain ash, cedar pine seeds.

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