Astra Italian perennial or chamomile photo and description

Italian Astra is also called Romashkova a perennial plant with beautiful colors, belongs to the family of complex. In connection with the reduction in the number of Astra, the Italian is listed in the Red Book of the Mordovian Republic. The extinction of the plant is facilitated by human activity and adverse environmental situation. The uncontrolled collection of asters in bouquets is the main reason for the extinction of the plant.


The Italian Astra vaguely resembles a chamomile, it has a height up to 60 cm. The shade of colors depends on the variety, the plant blooms from July to September. Astra root is short and thick, a plant bush is a hemisphere shape, densely located flower petals add additional splendor to the plant. Most often, the Italian Astra can be found in European countries, the Caucasus and Western Siberia.

The plant loves to sprout on sunny edges, light parts of the forest, meadows and river valleys. Chamomile Astra persistent to temperature changes and loves moderate watering.


The plant blooms from July to September, bears fruit from July to October. Plant fruits are small compressed seeds that have a long white crest. In the wild, the chamomile astra is propagated by seeds, in the home environment by dividing the bush.

Application in folk medicine

In traditional medicine, the treatment of Romashkova Astra is quite rare. However, in China and Japan, the plant has been used for several centuries to treat serious diseases. The plant is used to treat heart disease and kidneys.

Effectively use Astra infusions for the general strengthening of immunity and during epidemics. Italian Astra is able to eliminate dizziness and establish blood circulation in the human body. Of great importance in Tibet is given to the use of astra. She is able to relax the muscles of the vagina, relieve pain during menstruation and during the birth period.

Other applications of asters

Italian Astra is often used in cosmetology. The plant is able to eliminate the rash and irritation on the skin, for this a bath of inflorescences is used. Warm baths with Astra are useful for stress, as they relieve moral stress.

In oriental culture, flowers are also used as spices. Their petals are made by tea, they are added to fish and meat dishes.

Breeding asters

All kinds of asters are very photophilous, so plant them in areas welllit areas. Italian Astra is demanding on the presence of minerals, it should be loose and moisturized. In one place, the bush grows well for 5 years, in the future the bushes are required to be planted.

The seedling method of reproduction of the plant is more preferable, but some gardeners also use the cultivation of seedlings from seeds. During propagation, the plant is unimportant, the process of separation of the bush can be carried out even without soil execution.

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