Atlantic walrus from the Red Book a brief description and photo

Atlantic walrus is a unique animal that lives in the environmentally friendly areas of the Barents Sea. Unfortunately, the extremely negative influence of mankind is clearly visible here at the moment the species is on the verge of complete disappearance, therefore it is entered in the Red Book. Pay attention to these frightening numbers out of 25,000 individuals at the moment, only 4000. Territories where these animals live under strict protection. However, an increase in the population occurs very slowly.

These animals live in small, scattered herds, which practically do not contact each other. A sharp reduction in numbers is due to almost uncontrolled fishing, however, as in most cases.

Description of the species

Physiological data about this breed is quite scarce, but still there are some information. It is a large animal, with dense skin brown-brown. Atlantic male walrus 3-4 meters long can reach up to two tons in its mass. But as for the representatives of the female breed, they can grow up to 2.6 meters in length, and the mass does not exceed one ton. The head of the walrus is small, with long fangs and tiny eyes. Click length can reach half a meter. In this case, tusks are practical in this case they easily erupt ice, help to protect their territory and herd from opponents. Moreover, with its fangs, walrus can easily pierce even a white polar bear.

Despite its obscenity and very large weight, this type of animal has one small, but very important detail a mustache. They form several hundred small, but hard hairs that help walruses look for mollusks in water and ice floes.

The optimal habitat for Atlantic walrus is ice. But as for the land, here this enormous animal feels, to put it mildly, not comfortable. Due to their fatness and large weight, it is simply inconvenient for them to move on land-they can use only 4 fins for movement.

A giant representative of the Arctic eats up to 50 kilograms of food per day. This amount is optimal for him. The basis of the diet is crustaceans and mollusks. But, there are information that in the absence of food, the walrus can even attack the cubs of seals.

Life cycle

On average, Atlantic walrus lives for 45 years. It goes without saying that in the period of its large number of life was slightly more. The behavior of the animal is somewhat strange it grows very slowly. Walrus can be considered adults only 6-10 years after birth. The walrus can not only sleep, eat, but also snap, make sounds that are understandable only to the same individuals. It is noteworthy that this type of animal can bark.

Walrus and quite “talented” in the marriage period he makes special sounds, which are very similar to expressive singing. Not all representatives of the animal world have such a feature of attracting females to continue the genus.

The bearing of the fetus after conception lasts long enough for a whole year. Feeding the baby is carried out for two years and the mother does not leave him until completely growing up. The birth of offspring occurs once every 3-5 years. Actually, the herd is formed from females and cubs.

Favorite place of residence of the Latsky Barents Sea and Kara Sea. Also, the animal can be found in the waters of the White Sea. In fairness, it should be noted that a sharp reduction in the number of this type of animal is due not only to mass shooting due to fishing, but due to the development of the oil industry-enterprises of this industry pollute the natural environment of the walrus.

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