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Auks are seabirds belonging to the order Charadriiformes. Their distinguishing feature is the predominant black and white plumage. They are few in species diversity, in total 22 species are distinguished. The body length of these birds varies from 15 to 50 cm, and the weight is from 80 g to 1.5 kg.

Since they live near the seas and get their food there, they are good swimmers and divers. Almost all species can fly. On land they move in an upright position and rather clumsily. Birds of this family create a couple for life. There are no more than two eggs in their clutches, and both parents participate in the upbringing of offspring.

Thick-billed murre

slender-billed murre

wingless auk

puffin rhinoceros

Dead end

Puffin long-crested



Auklet big

Other auks

white belly

Baby auklet

Mustachioed auklet (small buzzard)


Short-beaked fawn

Long-billed fawn

Spectacle Chistik

Common guillemot (Black guillemot)

Aulet fawn

Common old man


The home of birds of the auk family is the cold seas of the northern hemisphere near the Arctic Circle. Nest on the rocks of the sea coasts. On land they live only during the period of reproduction and incubation of eggs. The main period of life is spent on the high seas. They are also found in more southern latitudes, but subject to the presence of cold currents. The fish of the warm seas are too fast for auks.

Auks, although known to people since ancient times, remain poorly understood to this day due to difficult access to their nesting sites. They are of commercial importance because of their meat and eggs.

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