Australia insects names with photos and description

In Australia, you need to be afraid of everything that is moving and confirmation of this insects of the continent. Here there are black ants-bulldogs, the bite of which provokes a strong allergic reaction. There is a red fiery ant belonging to the genus Solenopsis. They inject poison not only into people, but also in livestock. Animals blind and kill these aggressive insects. You can meet the mosquitoes of the Kusak family here, conveying tropical fever and a number of other diseases, such as the fever of the Ross Ross.

Veron spider

Whitetailed spider

Black Prince

Green groceryman

Mosquitoes of the Kusak family

Western honey bee

Wandering spider

Neon bee-dick

Blue Wasp

The rest of Australia insects

Australian scolopendra

Australian Black Widow

Australian Cockroach-Electric

Leukopout spider

Red fiery ant

Black Ant-Buldog

Danaid Monarch



Australia contains dangerous insects, such as representatives of aranomorphic. They can reach three centimeters, longitudinal stripes are located on their backs. Spiders eat arthropods, such as flies. There are honey bees here, the poisonous glands of which consist of a sting and a certain tank for this liquid. They make stocks of honey to winter, and with its offensive everything is covered. Here you can find blue Osa from the webding squad, which nests on the rocks or from the outside of the window.

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