Australia population number, density, composition. Australia indigenous population

Australia is located in the southern and eastern hemispheres of the planet. The entire continent occupies one state. The population is growing every day and is currently over 24.5 million. human. About every 2 minutes a new person is born. In terms of population, the country is fifty in the world. As for the indigenous population, in 2007 it was no more than 2.7%, all the rest migrants from different countries of the world, which have settled the mainland for several centuries. In terms of age indicators of children, about 19%, older people 67%, and the elderly (over 65 years old) about 14%.

Australia has a long life expectancy 81.63 years. According to this parameter, the country takes 6th place in the world. Death occurs for about every 3 minutes 30 seconds. Infant mortality rate is average: for every 1000 births of children there are 4.75 deaths of newborn.

The composition of the population of Australia

On the territory of Australia there are people who have roots from around the world. The following people make up the largest number:

  • British;
  • New Zealanders;
  • Italians;
  • Chinese;
  • Germans;
  • Vietnamese;
  • Indians;
  • Filipinos;
  • Greeks.
  • In this regard, a huge number of religious faiths are presented on the territory of the continent: Catholicism and Protestantism, Buddhism and Hinduism, Islam and Judaism, Sikhism and various indigenous beliefs and religious movements.

    About the indigenous people of Australia

    The official language of Australia is an Australian version of English. It is used in state institutions and in communication, in travel agencies and cafes, restaurants and hotels, in theaters and transport. English is used by the absolute majority of the population about 80%, all the rest are languages ​​of national minorities. Very often, people in Australia speak two languages: in English and in their native national. All this contributes to the preservation of the traditions of various peoples.

    Thus, Australia is not a densely populated continent, and has the prospects for settlement and increase in numbers. It increases both due to the birth rate and due to migration. Of course, most of the population is Europeans and their descendants, but here you can also find different African and Asian peoples. In general, we see a mix of different peoples, languages, religions and cultures, which creates a special state where people of different nationalities and religions get along together.

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