Autumn line photo and description of how the mushroom looks and where it grows

Autumn line (lat. Gyromitra Infula) is the most common species from the genus of Lop. The mushroom got its name due to the fact that the fruiting period falls in the fall, unlike all the other brothers in the family, which grow exclusively in the spring. In addition, the autumn line is poisonous and contains much more toxins that other representatives of the genus.


The hat of this mushroom is not very large, basically it does not exceed ten centimeters across. It is corrugated, has an incorrect and unusual shape, more reminiscent of some kind of stone. It can be three horn, saddle, and in principle of different. The upper part to the touch is wrinkled, with a rather saturated shade, and the lower one is more pale, smooth. The color varies from light brown to dark, even completely black specimens are possible.

The leg is completely hollow, in height is from two to ten centimeters, and the width of about two. Shades can be completely different, ranging from purely white and cream, ending with pinkish, gray and brown. Side flattened, the shape is wrong and can have many deformations. The pulp is very fragile, resembles the wax in its structure.

Where it grows

Single specimens can be found in July, but this is rather an exception, because the name itself says that it is better not to go to search for these mushrooms before the end of August to search for these mushrooms. Most often, representatives of this species can be found as part of small groups, the number of copies in which varies from three to ten. The line prefers to grow on the basis and remnants of rotting wood.

This mushroom loves to grow in deciduous and coniferous forests, not particularly choosing a place. It can be found in colonies or by once. The species is common throughout the moderate climatic belt, so many copies can be found in Eurasia and Europe. The active period of fruiting begins in late August and continues until October inclusive.


The appearance of this fungus, however, like most of the rest of the lopniks, is very amazing, different from all the others. But despite all the beauty, the autumn line is considered a deadly poisonous fungus, which in no case should be eaten. Despite this, many people still eat a line for food, because they can cook it correctly. There are many toxins in it, but during highquality heat treatment they are neutralized. That is why this species is considered conditional and natural, although in raw form it is referred to a deadly poisonous.

Similar views

Such a shapeless hat is a business card of the genus of Lop. Almost all the mushrooms that relate to it have a similar appearance:

Black lop. The appearance of this mushroom amazes the imagination, because its hat is completely black, with the wrong shape and white leg. It looks, honestly, amazing. But the mushroom is poisonous, so it should not be consumed;

The lop is black

Belonozhkovka lop. The hat is more twisted than the cornea. Otherwise, the mushroom looks like its brother.

Belonozhkovka lop

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