Autumn tape photo and description of how it looks, where they grow

Autumn mushroom, or a real mushroom, a type of mushrooms of the Fizalaxy family. Suitable for cooking and consumption. There are two types of honey and northern honey and northern. The taste of the mushroom is evaluated very controversial. Someone says that it tastes very mediocre, and for someone the greatest delicacy.

The softness of the tutorials is completely high, so it requires prolonged heat treatment. Mushrooms can also be dried. The legs and hats are edible (full list of edible mushrooms). But the older the mushroom, the stronger the fibers are expressed. Therefore, during the collection of old autumn honey agarics, it is not recommended to collect the legs.


Autumn tuft has a hat with a diameter of 2 to 12-15 cm. Hats can develop in various forms. At first to have a convex shape, after acquiring a flat-stringed look. The edges in his youth are bent, in the center there is a straight plane at the tips. With age, the caps can bend up.

The caps of the huts varies from the yellowish-brown to the orange. They can also purchase shades of olive, sipia, gray. At the same time, the depth of the tone can be different. In the center, the hats have a more pronounced color. This is due to less dense scales located at the edges.

Small, brown, brown flowers. Sometimes repeat the color of hats. They disappear with age. A private bedspread is density, a large volume, felt whitish, yellowish or creamcolored.

White pulp, very thin and has many fibers. The smell is pleasant. The taste of mushroom, weakly expressed. In some cases, it knits a little or resembles a taste of “Kamamber”.

The plates are low on the leg and have a white color, which over time of the aging of the fungus flows into darker shades-yellowish or ocher-cream. The plates of old specimens acquire a spotty-brown or rusty-brown tint. Between the plates, insects often live, from which brown spots can appear, moving upstairs of the hats.

Spore-white powder. The leg can reach a height of 6-15 cm and a diameter of 1.5 cm. The leg has a cylindrical shape. Sometimes a spindleshaped thickening appears at the base, or a simple thickening in size up to 2 cm. The shade of the legs is similar to the color of the hats, but not so pronounced.

There is a small percentage of scales on the legs. Scales have a felt-foul structure. They disappear with age. There are strong dichotomically branching rhizomorphs of black color. They are able to create a network system of impressive sizes and move from one tree, hemp or flood to others.

Differences between honey and northern views

  1. Autumn honey honey mate prefers the southern regions, the North lives in the northern parts. Both species can only be found in temperate latitudes.
  2. The northern species contain buckles on the basis of basides. Many mushroom pickers cannot identify a variety on this basis, so it is not customary to divide them into types.

Similar mushrooms

Autumn mushroom can be confused with mushrooms such as:

  • The tile is dark in the color of which there is yellowness and dark brown color of scales;
  • A thicklegged tillage with a thin torn ring and uniform coating large scales;
  • A bulbous tile with a thin torn ring and with many small scales in the center of the hat;
  • the toll exile, which almost has no visual differences from the opening of the autumn.
  • Some sources say that the mushroom can also be confused with some varieties of scales and mushrooms of the genus of hyploma. They are distinguished by gray-yellow, seroplastine and brick-red colors. There are also opinions that you can confuse mushroom with representatives of galerins. However, the only resemblance of autumn torage with the latter is the habitat.

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