Azerbaijan Wolfhound (qurdbasar): characteristics of the dog breed, photo

Qurdbasar needs a fairly large space for walking. In principle, the animal may well live in the open, but it is still better to provide him with shelter from the weather.


Characteristics qurdbasar

  • Country of origin: Azerbaijan
  • The size: Very large
  • Growth: 66–80 cm
  • The weight: 45–60 kg
  • Age: 12–15 years old
  • FCI breed group: Not recognized by the MKF

Brief information

  • Hardy;
  • Powerful;
  • Prone to dominance;
  • Brave.

Origin story

Once upon a time, people who lived on the territory of modern Azerbaijan bred a breed of dogs that were ideal for guarding and grazing herds, as well as for dog fights. It is assumed that this was about three thousand years ago. Due to the remoteness of pastures, Azerbaijani wolfhounds did not mix with other breeds. Much later, during the Soviet era, these dogs were included in cynological reference books as the Azerbaijani Steppe Caucasian Shepherd Dog. Joseph Stalin, who issued the Decree “On the Development of Domestic Dog Breeding” in 1933, almost sentenced the breed to destruction because dogs began to be actively exported from Azerbaijan to breed Moscow watchdogs on their basis.

Fortunately, there are enthusiasts who have preserved these beautiful animals, and now the number of qurdbasar is slowly growing.


Large, powerful dog, outwardly similar to Alabai. But in qurdbasar, wool is allowed and short, and of medium length, and quite long up to 10-12 cm. Such individuals resemble Caucasian shepherd dogs. And this is not surprising they probably had very distant common ancestors.

Color can be any, the most common is red in different shades. But there are also spotted, brindle, and black, and white dogs. Ears are usually docked, and sometimes tails are also docked.


Dogs recognize their owner and his family, they are distrustful of strangers. The protective qualities are strongly pronounced, which makes the qurdbasar dangerous for outsiders. Due to the fact that for centuries the owners of Azerbaijani wolfhounds, who used them for grazing and guarding herds, as well as for dog fights, believed that the strongest should survive from the litter of puppies, such qualities as courage, endurance, moderate aggression, the ability to quickly and correctly assess the situation and respond appropriately.


Qurdbasar is unpretentious and hardy. In order for the pet to have a well-groomed appearance, it must be taught from puppyhood to combing with a stiff brush and to routine examinations of the ears and eyes.

Conditions of detention

It is very difficult to buy a puppy from proven aboriginal parents. The price of such a dog, in the genes of which health, intelligence, endurance, courage, and fighting qualities have been fixed by generations of natural selection, can reach several thousand dollars.

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