Baikal fish photos and names | Fish living in Lake Baikal

Baikal is one of the most magnificent and breathtaking lakes. A wide variety of fish species live in the waters of the sights of Eurasia. This feature developed a long time ago, when a large number of vertebrates of various fauna complexes entered the lake. To date, it has been established that 54 species of fish live in the waters of Lake Baikal.

Fish groups

Ichthyologists have divided all types of fish into three large groups:

  • Siberian includes vertebrates living in the bays, coasts and litters of the lake. Another name for the group is sorovaya. This complex includes representatives of cyprinids, perch and pike. It should be noted that acclimatized species of the animal world are also included here, namely: carp, catfish and bream.
  • Siberian-Baikal consists of a family of grayling, sturgeon and whitefish. Vertebrates live in coastal areas, as well as in the pelagial of open Baikal.
  • Baikal this group includes about 50% of all fish species. Vertebrates concentrate at great depths and water edges. This complex includes representatives of sculpins.
  • Baikal is considered an ideal place for fishing. Thanks to a huge variety of fish, every fisherman is satisfied with his catch.

    Fishes of the Baikal region

    There is a fish most valuable and sought after by fishermen. These include:


    Perch the maximum height of vertebrates is 25 cm, all 200 g. In the warm season, 30% of fish of this species are concentrated in the lake, in winter the perch migrates to the rivers.


    Yelets this representative of the water world is in the lake all year round, loves to swim off the coast of Lake Baikal.


    Crucian mainly gray crucian carp lives in the lake, the length of which can reach 30 cm, weight 300 g.


    Pike fish can grow up to 50 cm and weigh about 10 kg or more. The predator does not swim far, because it loves warm coastal water.


    Roach the length of the fish rarely exceeds 18 cm. Vertebrates love the muddy bottom with abundant vegetation, so they are often found in shallow water.


    Gobies (shirokoloboki) are considered endemic to the reservoir, concentrated at the bottom of the lake.

    trophy fish

    Here is also a list of the most “trophy” specimens of fish living in the waters of Lake Baikal:


    Omul is a descendant of the Arctic omul. Reaches a weight of 2 kg. There are few, medium and many stamen omul.


    Grayling representatives of black and white grayling live in the lake.


    Taimen is a fish belonging to the salmon family and listed in the Red Book. Toothy fish can grow up to 30 kg and have a length of about 1.4 meters.


    Whitefish a representative of vertebrates lives in the lake all year round, it can be lake and lake-river forms.


    Sturgeon is a rare fish, a representative of cartilage, listed in the Red Book.


    Davatchan belongs to the salmon family, also listed in the Red Book.


    Burbot is a unique fish that has mucus containing a natural antibiotic.

    Non-commercial fish

    In Lake Baikal, you can also find non-commercial fish species:


    Golomyanka is a unique species of vertebrates, characterized by the birth of live fry. Small and large golomyanka live in the lake. The maximum fish length is 30cm.

    Longwing the weight of the fish is about 100 g, length 20 cm. The representative of the water world belongs to the endemics of the lake.


    Yellowfly is a miniature fish, the length of which reaches only 17 cm, weight 16 g. An interesting representative of vertebrates with yellow fins.

    The inhabitants of the water world of Lake Baikal are also lenok, ide, bream, gudgeon, Amur catfish, Siberian loach, rotan firebrand and various types of sculpins (long-winged, stone, sandy, white, small, Elokhinskaya, rough, half-naked, armored, flat-headed, sharp-snouted and others).





    Amur catfish

    Rotan firebrand

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