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Amazing animals that previously belonged to the Pig family are considered bakers. Translated, greenhouse mammals mean “a beast that makes the road in the forest”. The most common habitats of animals are the territories of the New World and Western Europe. The bakers have many similarities with pigs not only externally, but also by character, habits, and other features.

Description and character

Bakers belong to small animals. They have the length of the body reaching one meter, grow up to 57 cm in height. The mass of adults rarely exceeds 30 kg. The features of mammals are a short neck, a wedgeshaped, heavy head, an elongated snout, a straight profile, small eyes and a rounded ears shape. The bakers have short legs and tail. The whole body is covered with thick bristles (on the back and withers resembling a mane).

In many countries, bakers are called musky pigs, because animals distinguish a specific, even unpleasant secret. Когда парнокопытное млекопитающее находится в стадии возбуждения, оно начинает «пахнуть» и слегка приподнимает гриву.

You can distinguish a baker from a pig according to the following signs: in animals in the hind limbs of three fingers, 38 teeth in the mouth, two pairs of mammary glands, the upper trihedral fangs are directed down, the stomach is divided into three sections. A feature of the musk pig is the ability to mark the territory by spraying a smelling fluid.

Bakers live in a herd. They love to actively spend time at night. Animals often migrate from one territory to another. At the head of the herd is the oldest female presenter.

Types of musky pig

Cakes are divided into four main types:

  • colonel-small animals of small size, which can be distinguished due to a yellowish-white strip that extends from the bottom of the head to the shoulder blades;
  • Whitehorned (whitebearded) are articulated, preferring to dwell near water sources. The bakers of this group look more powerful and more than representatives of the previous. A distinctive feature of individuals is the presence of a large white spot located in the lower part of the head;
  • Chak prefer to populate arid, wild territories. Their distinctive features are a long tail, limbs and ears. Some call the bakers this species “donkey pigs”;
  • giant unique color, large sizes the main features of the bakers of this group.
  • In the old days there were other types of bakers, but, unfortunately, they died out.


    Sexual contact between individuals can be carried out at any time of the year, at the request of animals. A pregnant female hatches the fruit up to 150 days, after which she is retireed in a secluded place or hole and gives birth to complete loneliness. As a rule, two piglets are born, sometimes more. The kids begin to rise to their feet on the second day, after which they return to the relatives.

    Bakers can live up to 25 years. Males become mature for propagation closer to the year of life, females-by 8-14 months.

    Animal diet

    Due to the complex structure of the stomach, baker can easily digest rough food. Herbivores are not averse to enjoying nuts, plant roots, tubers, mushrooms. In particularly hungry periods, musky pigs can eat carrion, frogs, eggs and snakes. The diet of bakers changes depending on the place of residence. So, they can eat juicy berries, worms, insects, cacti (to get rid of thorns, mammals roll the plant on the ground), beans and a variety of herbal vegetation.

    Babies of the bakers in the Kharkov zoo

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