Bambino cat breed: characteristics, photo, character, care and content rules


  • Country of origin: USA
  • Type of wool
  • Growth:
    About 15 cm
  • The weight:
    2-4 kg
  • Age:
    12-15 years
  • Brief information

  • Bambino is considered a breed that does not cause allergies;
  • Suitable for family and children;
  • The first Kitten Bambino was born in 2005 as a result of crossing the Canadian Sphinx and Manchekin. The name Bambino is translated from Italian as “child”, “baby”.
  • Character

    The Bambino cat can leave anyone indifferent: short paws and skin resembling velvet or suede are fascinated at first glance. For their character, Bambino got the nickname “monkeys”, because they are so playful, active and inquisitive. Even short paws do not stop small researchers. Cats are happy to run, recalling the ferret, and even jump onto low surfaces.

    Bambino quickly tied to a person and save love for life. They are wonderful companions who will accompany their master everywhere. By the way, it is noted that the representatives of this breed are excellent travelers who easily tolerate crossings. The main thing for them is that the owner is nearby.

    Bambino is very sociable and friendly. These cats get along with dogs, rodents and even birds. The presence of children in the house will bring them double pleasure, because they can bother and play with the child almost around the clock.


    The absence of Bambino wool makes the breed sensitive to the cold. In winter, the animal is best dressed in a sweater or any other warm clothes. Be careful: cats love to warm up at the battery or in the sun, which can lead to burns.

    Like other bald cats, Bambino must be regularly bathed. This is due to the fact that discharge from the sebaceous glands is not absorbed into the wool and, mixing with dust and dirt, can provoke the development of skin diseases. To accustom a kitten to the bathroom should be from 2-3 months. In addition, the owner must regularly wipe the folds of Bambino and monitor the purity of his ears and eyes.

    Conditions of detention

    Since, due to the physiological characteristics of the cat, they cannot jump high, they create a “staircase” so that the pet can, if desired, climb a high sofa or shelf.

    Bambino are holders of quick metabolism, so they need quite highcalorie and nutritious food. Choose balanced feed for active cats. However, strictly observe portions, since representatives of this breed have good appetite and are prone to overeating.

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