Bancan Dolgopyv photo and description of the mammal, how it looks and where it lives

Bankansky Dolgopy will (lat. Tarsius Bancanus) one of the representatives of the genus Dolbolsy, which belong to the Primates detachment. Until recently, absolutely all species did not have any separate names and were simply called “Dolgers”, but in 2010 they were divided into three main genus, each of which is divided into at least three subspecies.


The appearance of these animals is very specific compared to other monkeys. Their size is relatively small, growth reaches sixteen centimeters, but basically they are slightly less. In this case, their tail can exceed the entire body by the length of almost double. There is no wool on it, so the tail is tedd completely naked, but still a small woolen brush at the end is located. The body itself is very thin, the weight rarely exceeds two hundred grams, but basically it does not reach even a hundred. At the same time, about a quarter of the mass falls on soft and silky wool, which is covered with the entire body of the animal, except for the tail. The color does not change over time, mostly gray shades with glimpses of brown or reddish. The belly is noticeably lighter than the back.

The main feature, which even gave the name to the whole family, can be called a very elongated heel section of the foot. All limbs have five fingers, like a person. The fingers themselves are very long and thin, because of this the monkey seems somewhat frightening, as if about to grab. At the ends there are pillows and suction cups, thanks to which they are tuned without any problems attached to any bark.

The head is large and rounded, on the spine is located more vertically than that of most other monkeys, so it is able to turn 300-320 degrees, which seems simply unimaginable. The brain is relatively large, also in this type is a very well developed hearing aid. At the moment, dontipers are considered the only type, the means of communication of which is ultrasound.

Another feature of the appearance, which many consider even sweet, can be called large eyes of diameters up to twenty millimeters that are protruding forward. If we compare their eyeballs with human growth, then they will be similar in size to the middle apple. In addition, their eyes shine in the dark with bright yellow, and the pupil is very reduced. This species has welldeveloped facial muscles, so animals often build frightening grimaces to each other and can even smile.

Where it lives

According to many scientists, the ancestors of Dolbolsy could exist 45 million years ago, which is why this species is considered one of the most ancient. Some theorists even think that a person came from them. In the past, the habitat extended throughout Eurasia and North America, but at the moment it has been greatly reduced and is only a few islands. Basically, this species can now be found only in the southeast of Asia, for example, on the island of Sulawesi and Sumatra, as well as other close islands located nearby.


The main activity of roluses falls on at night. They live in the thick of forests on the most branched trees, hiding among them. Cleverly crawl, are able to jump over long distances from wood to wood. The length of their jump can reach two meters in height, which with their growth seems to be completely impossible. The tail is used as a certain balancer.

The herd lifestyle for these monkeys is alien to, so they prefer to settle alone, often sitting for kilometers from the nearest brothers. They are very jealous of their territory, so others are not allowed even close. Only during the winter full moon can you meet a male and a female together, and the rest of the time they live separately.


The marriage period falls at the end of December and the beginning of January, it can be noteworthy that they mate relesful only with a full moon. Only one cub is born into light, and the period of pregnancy is quite long and can reach six months. Immediately after birth, the baby is already able to move independently and see, and after seven weeks he stops eating female milk and begins to eat animal food. They begin puberty at the age of 11 months, and life expectancy varies from 7 to 10 years.

Interesting Facts

  • This type has one of the largest eyes among all other members of the family.
  • The name appeared due to very long heels, with which these monkeys are much easier to move among trees than the rest.
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