Bankia a beautiful flower | Photos and description

Banxia is a genus in which 170 species of plants are combined. All of them are evergreen trees and shrubs growing on the Australian continent. However, there are decorative varieties cultivated far beyond.

Description of the species

Plants included in the genus Banxia differ in appearance. It can be trees, up to 30 meters high, or shrubs. The second are divided into tall, striving up and low, whose stems stretch on the ground. There are even species whose lower branches are hidden under the soil layer.

Banskia grow in tropical climate. Moreover, in the northern part of Australia, their height is less, since plants love sunlight and heat. Leaves of all representatives of the genus are the next or mutual. Their size varies greatly from small, reminiscent of heather, to huge and hard. In many, the lower part of the sheet is covered with a dense layer of villi resembling felt.

The flowering of most banks occurs in the spring, but there are species that flowering yearround. A flower, as a rule, is a pair, resembling a cylindrical coloss, with many “blades” and bracts. As a result of flowering, many banisia form the fruits. They are boxes with two sashes, inside which two seeds are contained.

Places of growth

The main range of plants of the genus Banxius is part of the coast of the Australian continent from Tasmania to the northern territory. Much less often, such plants are found in the depths of the mainland. At the same time, there is a special species that exists in the wild not only Australia, but also the New Guinea and the Islands of Aru Banxia Tropical.

Since most representatives of the genus are distinguished by an unusual appearance and beautiful flowering, Banskias are often grown for decorative purposes. They can be found in gardens and greenhouses around the world. There are even special dwarf varieties that are specially bred for dilutions in indoor conditions.

Natural significance of bankcias

These plants differ not only in large colors of an unusual shape, but also by a large number of nectar. They are of great importance in the nutrition of many insects. In addition, some species of birds, bats and small animals are fed by the leaves and young shoots of Banksia.

Almost all representatives of the genus endurely endure high temperature and are able to survive even in a forest fire. Thus, they are almost the first, and sometimes the only vegetation, in the place of the former conflagration.

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