Baribal or Black Bear photo and description, where it lives and what eats, interesting facts

Baribal one of the representatives of the Bears family. Differs in its black color, for which I received the second name – black bear. The appearance differs from the usual brown bear. Baribal is much less grizzly, although they are similar to their color. Unlike the body, the barbal muzzle is light and does not merge with black hair. Sometimes in baribals you can notice a white spot on the chest. The average body length of a black bear is 180 centimeters, and weight reaches 200 kilograms. Another difference from brown bears – This is a small bulge in the shoulder area. In Colombia and Alaska, baribals can have a cream and gray color. The limbs of the black bear are quite tall with small feet.


Traditionally black bears live in hardtoreach places. Choose animals with a dense wooded area and plains in North America. They can also adapt to inhabitation in suburban areas, if there is a power source there. Habitat Baribal divides with grizzly. Historically, I chose all the wooded areas of North America.

What is the barbal?

Baribals are extremely illegible in food. As a rule, their diet consists of plant foods, larvae and insects. Despite their aggressive appearance, black bears are rather timid and nonaggressive representatives of the fauna. In the wild, Baribal does not behave like a predator. But do not mind enjoying small animals: beavers, rodents, rabbits and birds. Having eaten plenty, the black bear goes to bed.

In the autumn period, black bears should enjoy the fat for the upcoming hibernation. Baribals are saturated with nuts and various fruits containing many proteins and protein. Baribals are very fond of honey, and if they encounter bee hive, they will not leave until they get their favorite dessert. Bear bees never bother.

Propagation period

The period of the estrus of females begins in May and lasts until the end of July. During this period, baribals come out of hibernation. Mature bears become at the age of 3 years. From that moment on, barbal is considered mature and is ready to mate. Females are bored with cubs for 220 days. Baribals give birth to an average of 3 cubs weighing 300 grams. Small baribals are born blind and deaf. Only in the fourth week, cubs are able to see and hear. Baribala mother feed their offspring with milk for the first six months. Cubs become independent after a year and a half. Mother is closely connected with her children. She teaches them by the rules of feeding and protection from enemies.


In addition to people, in nature, relatives are hunting for barbals, – Grisli, pums and wolves. In the southern part of America, black bears become victims of alligators. Typically, the cause of the collision is mining. Such a fight often ends in the victory of the baribal. Despite his dimensions, a black bear is a very clever predator and is able to plunge the enemy.

Life expectancy

Baribals are able to live up to 30 years in the wild. But the average life expectancy in the will rarely exceeds 10 years. This is due to the fact that people constantly hunt for the life. USA and Canada allowed a limited hunt for black cubs. Baribals themselves are quite peaceful and are not inclined to attack the first.

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