Barvinok small photo and description, therapeutic properties and contraindications

Nowadays, many plants are used in medicine, including Barvinok Small. This is an evergreen grass plant, which is a symbol of life and unquenchable love. You can find it in the territories of Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and in the Caucasus. A herbaceous plant belongs to the family of the kutrian and has other names: rowing grass, Ivan-da-Maria and Zelenka.

Description and chemical composition

Barvinok small belongs to small shrubs. Its branchy, erect and lying stems are always pressed to the ground, thus creating a semblance of carpet. The leaves reach a length of 3-5 cm and have a unique brilliance. They have an acute, elliptical form. Horizontally the plant grows up to 70 cm. The main advantages of therapeutic grass are beautiful strips, single flowers of azure or lilac shade, each of which has its own leg.

A medicinal plant blooms from April month to September. As a result, fruits (cylindrical binolisters) appear with a pointed and sickleangry form. Therapeutic grass can grow and delight others for a long period of time.

Small Barvinok consists of various alkaloids, namely: minorin, vincamine, vinyl, Devinkan, pubiscyn and other elements, the sum of which exceeds 20 types. In addition, the plant contains components such as flavonoids, ursholic acid, tannins, vitamins and saponins.

Therapeutic properties of the plant

It has long been believed that the Barvinok has protective properties. Thanks to the unique composition, drugs based on a medicinal plant contribute to a decrease in blood pressure, lower the tone of blood vessels and ensure the resistance of peripheral vessels. The medicinal plant has a calming, vasodilating, hypotensive, hemostatic, astringent and antimicrobial effect.

Small Barvinok is able to affect cell division and is used for the manufacture of immunosuppressants, as well as antitumor drugs. Infusion of plant flowers is used to enhance sexual activity. Barwinka is also shown in such diseases:

  • diarrhea;
  • tuberculosis;
  • bleeding;
  • scurvy;
  • skin diseases and wounds;
  • dizziness and headaches.
  • The use of Barvinka preparations helps to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and is useful for lymphogranulomatosis, hematosarkoma.

    Infusion from a medicinal plant is a binder and antimicrobial agent. It is used to stop bleeding varying severity. Tincture from a medicinal plant helps to heal myoma and uterine polyps, infertility, endometriosis, and prostatitis.

    With the help of a decoction of a smallbary, pain in the throat and toothache is eliminated, bleeding stops and various skin diseases are treated.


    Despite a lot of therapeutic properties, barvino belongs to toxic plants. Therefore, before use, you should carefully study the contraindications and avoid the possibility of an overdose. It is not recommended to use drugs in the following cases:

  • children under 12 years of age;
  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • When an allergic reaction appears (rash, itching, redness of the skin or edema).
  • In the case of an overdose, a cardiovascular system can be oppressed, which will negatively affect the work of the body as a whole. It is recommended to take medications that contain healing grass, only after consulting with the attending physician. The dosage of the drug should also be determined by the doctor.

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